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Can you help out?

November 2, 2009




Due to the changes in the start time of the Ontairo Phone Net we are in need of the following assistance.

Net Liason to 2nd region Net–  Twice a day we meet up with the 2nd region net (2RNas we call it) and drop off any traffic we have and pick up any thats coming our way.  This is a “voice net” so that eliminates one problem some of you would have (me included…)

Here is whats needed….  You check in to 2rn at 1345 eastern on 3.925 and you pick up any traffic from the net destined for the Province of Ontario and then you check in to the Ontario Phone Net at 1600 eastern and pass whatever traffic to the net.

Or if you are not available for the afternoon session you could check into the Ontario Phone Net at 1600 eastern and pick up any net traffic for the 2nd region net and then take it to 2rn at 1830hrs once again on 3.925.  You would then check into 2rn and pass the traffic (if any) into the system.

All thats required is a desire to help out and a station capable of checking into the net (this means hearing the net) on 3.925 either at 1345 or 1830 along with being able to check into the Ontario Phone Net on 3.742 at 1600 eastern.

There are two other times that we meet up with 2rn in a CW traffic net and if you are curious on this aspect please contact the Ontario Section Traffic Manager VE3GNA Glenn who normally checks into the OPN on a nightly basis.

Try listen in on 3.925 and if you think you can hear everyone well enough to participate , and you think you could help out let me know.  Please remember that the people you are hearing have been doing this for years and are very experienced.  This shows in the speed in which they pass traffic so they will slow down for a newcomer and will also warmly welcome any newcomers who join them.

Also with the changes in our start time we are in need of stations across the province to check into the Ontario Phone Net to see if the net has traffic your your area of Ontario.  Please check into the Ontario Phone Net which now runs at 1600hrs daily

If you can help out please let me know


Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager Ontario Phone Net