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NTS operating under Winter Field Day rules

January 31, 2010

On Saturday Jan 30 2010 OPN Net Manager Bob Sharp VA3QV while operating as part of the Victor Alpha 3 Real Cold Spot (VA3RCS) Group participating in the SPAR Winter Field Day checked into the 2nd Region Traffic Net at 1345 hours EST representing Ontario and the Ontario Phone Net.

“VA3RCS going to Ontario with No Traffic over…”

“VA3QV at the mike”

(Above Picture courtesy Martin VA3SIE)

The NCS for 2RN was AK2Z (Doug in Camden NY) and according to it was distance of just over 140 miles from Ottawa to Camden NY or 230 kms if you like the metric system.  Not too bad for an 80m daytime contact.

Signal reports were good from other stations in the New York Section and the New Jersey Section.

Dougs setup can be found on his QRZ site and the setup in Ottawa was a Yaesu FT 817 (5w QRP) along with a W3EDP antenna at approx 15 feet above ground level.

At 1345 hours Eastern the temp in Ottawa was approx -20 deg C or -4 deg F but it was sunny out.

“If you can pass traffic outside at -20 degrees then you can do it anytime”

For your information the Ontario Phone Net meets up with the 2nd region net daily at 1345 hours and 1830 hours on 3.925 mhz  to pick up traffic for Ontario and to send traffic from Ontario.  In addition the Ontario Phone Net meets daily at 1600 EST on 3.742 mhz

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