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Simulated Emergency Test Part 2

October 6, 2009

After the success of the first part of the SET on Saturday I am pleased to announce that the Ontario Phone Net will be activated Wednesday October 7th between the hours of 0900 and 1300 in support of Emergency Management Ontario for the 2nd part of SET 2009.

We plan to be operating HF Voice COMMS on 3.742 with 7.153 as a back up frequency.

Scheduled Net Control Stations are as follows:

0900-1000- VE3WKJ

1000-1100- VE3GNA

1100-1200- VE3PSV

1200-1300- VE3HMS

Net Manager VA3QV will be backup NCS for the operators and assisting with relays if needed.

The purpose of this exercise is to see if the various EOCs (Emergency Operation Centers) across the Province can talk (using HF Voice and VHF linked systems) to the PEOC (Provincial Emergency Operations Center) in Toronto.  VE3EMO will be activated from the PEOC for this exercise.

The Ontario Phone Net is pleased to assist Emergency Management Ontario and represent RAC Field Services in the Ontario Section in this exercise.


Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager- Ontario Phone Net


SET Report -FYI

October 5, 2009

At this time I thought I would bring you up to speed on how things went on the HF Radio side of things during Saturdays SET Exercise.

The Ontario Phone Net in support of Emergency Management Ontario (EMO ARES) supplied Net Control Stations on 3.742 in the 80m band from 0830 hrs to 1500 hours and then again from 1830hrs to 2100 hrs.

Although at this time I do not have all the reports in from the Net Control Stations I can proudly say that we were able to conduct a Province Wide 80m HF Net under what could be called not the best conditions.

All Parts of the Province were heard from (Eastern Ontario to North Western Ontario and all areas in between) at one time or another on the 80m during this Simulated Emergency Test.

Part two of the test will be conducted on Wednesday October 7th… once again on 3.742 with 7.153 as a back up frequency… starting at 0900 hrs and finishing at 1300 hrs

Once the reports are all in and tallied I will post a more detailed report here that will also be submitted to RAC Ontario Section (STM) and  Emergency Management Ontario (EMO ARES) but for now believe me when I make the following statement:

“We Did Good!!!”


Bob Sharp VA3QV– Net Manager Ontario Phone Net

2009 SET Info

September 14, 2009

Here it is folks…  AS MUCH INFO that I have available at this time:

At this time the OPN plans are to use 3.742 for the daytime and nightime frequency for the SET with 7.153 being run as an alternative frequency for the daytime session. I have asked the COMMSONT Net to assist us on 40m.

I am still awaiting more info from EMO ARES and ARES Ontario (RAC Ontario Section) before our COMMS Plan is fully developed.

At this time the generic plan is to run the net for the duration of the time as required by EMO ARES and swap out controllers every hour or so…

More information will be coming soon please check back here often…

Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager Ontario Phone Net

Follows is info from the EMO ARES Website:



Ontario Province-wide Simulated Emergency Test 2009
Saturday October 3 2009
09:00 to 15:00 and 19:00 to 21:00 ET

Ontario Province-wide EOC Test
Wednesday October 7 2009
09:00 to 13:00 ET

The 2009 Province-wide Simulated Emergency Test (SET) will be conducted on Saturday October 3 2009 from 09:00 to 15:00 and 19:00 to 21:00 hours. This exercise is sanctioned by Emergency Management Ontario, any repeater owners with installations on CBC owned tower sites can apply for SET participation confirmation by passing a formal message to EMO (VE3EMO) during the exercise, be sure to use the repeater callsign in the message and follow-up with a request for documentation to: When requesting documentation please include repeater callsign, club name and complete mailing address.

All ARES Groups are requested to participate in the Province-wide SET; if your ARES Group is unable to participate please have a group representative check into the network so your group can be registered as active during the Province-wide SET. When reporting into the networks please supply your callsign, location and ARES Group membership to NCS.

All ARES members are welcome and encouraged to participate, stations with traffic will be given priority.

Operational Frequencies

HF National Traffic System
Ontario Phone Net:
3.742 MHz. or 7.153 MHz. depending on band conditions (Operating under the direction of the Ontario Phone Net (NTS)

The NTS (Ontario Phone Net) will oversee all HF operations and provide Net Control operators for the exercise.

IRLP Linking
Vancouver Reflector Channel 9005 with a backup channel of 9206 (Operating under the direction of VA3EOT, Toronto Emergency Operations Centre)

The Toronto EOC will oversee all IRLP operations and provide Net Control operators for this exercise.

Packet messages may be sent to EMO via email:

Province-wide EOC Test
The Province-wide EOC test has been incorporated into our yearly SET for the past four years, this addition to the regular SET provides an opportunity for ARES groups that support communications for their local Municipal Emergency Operations Centre an opportunity to participate during regular operational hours and demonstrate to officials the ability to connect with the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre VE3EMO.

The EMO station will be activated on Wednesday October 7th from 09:00 to 13:00 ET to test communications with municipal level EOC’s.

HF National Traffic System
Ontario Phone Net:
3.742 MHz. or 7.153 MHz. depending on band conditions (Operating under the direction of the Ontario Phone Net (NTS)

IRLP Linking
Vancouver Reflector Channel 9005 with a backup channel of 9206 (Operating under the direction of VE3EMO, Provincial Emergency Operations Centre)

Packet messages may be sent to EMO via email:

Formal Messages may be sent to VE3EMO (Provincial Emergency Operations Centre), VA3RX (Section Emergency Coordinator), VE3AJB (Section Manager), VA3QV (OPN Manager) and any DEC, EC or EOC throughout the Province.

To move the messages, NTS (Ontario Phone Net) will be deployed and ARES representatives will take messages to and from the various sectors and pass them to EMO through the Toronto EOC (VA3EOT). The Toronto EOC will forward messages to the PEOC via dedicated fax lines. The Toronto EOC will handle all messages to and from the PEOC via the NTS.

Sample Message


Number Precedence HX Station of Origin Check Place of Origin Time Filed Date
01 Routine HCX VA3EOT 40 Toronto 09:30 Sept 27 2008

Provincial Emergency Operations Centre


This is a test X The City of Toronto has a reported 35 cases of avian flu currently being treated X Toronto Public Health currently has the situation under control and has a good stock of anti-viral medication in stock

Signed: John Smith
City of Toronto Health Department

Rec’d From                  Date                  Time Sent To                  Date                          Time

Note: Be sure to include the words “This is a Test” in your message.

An Easy Guide to Radiograms can be found online by visiting: Radiograms are also available for download at:

Hope to hear you during SET
Jim Taylor, VA3KU
Amateur Radio Program Coordinator
Emergency Management Ontario
Provincial Emergency Operations Centre


Thats all I have for now…More later