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New Net Times increasing Participation

March 23, 2010

First of all let me start off by saying that 40% of people don’t believe that Statistics prove anything…

Now I will tell you that after tabulating the Net reports for the last 18 days that our net participation (Number of stations checking in) has increased by just under 27% since we switched back to 1900 hours 9 days ago.

However this does coincide with the drop we took when we switched to the 1600 start time when the band conditions started to fail earlier in the season…

We are back to where we were when we started but for the net to do its job properly we would need a greater level of participation from the Amateur Community in Ontario and especially from the local ARES Groups who along with the NTS comprise RAC Field Services in Ontario.

The later start time ( when more amateurs are home and finished supper) along with the much better band conditons in the evenings should bring a much needed increase in participation.

We can’t do it without you!!!


Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager Ontario Phone Net


NTS get Mentioned in January TCA

January 5, 2010

I guess some of my attempts at conversing  (EMAILS and NTS Messages) to  VPFS Doug VO1DTM finally paid off as the NTS got an excellent write up in the Jan-Feb 2010 TCA magazine. 

Check out Page 66 in this months magazine…

Also in the Ontario Section Managers Report we also see that our Stats are now up to date.  Still a little bit of confusion on who the Net Manger is as one month is Vacant, one month its me and then the next month its Glenn but the big thing is that our stats from the OPN are being published.

Currently I am working with the VPFS , the Ontario STM and the RAC Ontario North Director to operate a special event station to draw attention to the NTS across Canada as well as here in Ontario.  There are many details to be ironed out yet and as soon as this can be done you will be able to read about it here as well as in our “The Canadian Amateur” magazine.

73 Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager Ontario Phone Net