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Commentary from the OPN Net Manager

April 13, 2010

Today is April 13th 2010 and this coming weekend is the Ontario QSO Party that is being sponsored by the Contest Club  Ontario.

As you can see from the following maps the Province of Ontario is made up of many municipalities and counties…’

Above- Northern Ontario


Above South Eastern Ontario


Above- South Western Ontario


Now the idea of this contest like all others is to make contacts but this time the multis are the counties of the Province of Ontario.  That would be the RED areas on the maps.  The more cities/counties you talk to the more your score get multiplied and there fore you have a higher score.

There is even a “clean sweep” catagory award for any station lucky enough to contact all the municipalities in Ontario

I will be participating in the contest as VA3QV and I believe you will also stand a chance of working VA3OPN (Ontario Phone Net) as our STM usually participates in this contest.

The idea of a clean sweep got me thinking however that if on a weekend that Ontario Amateurs would start calling CQ Ontario and try and work across the province why not check into the Ontario Phone Net 3.742 at 1900 hrs EDST or EST and try and work all of Ontario.  Our Net (your Net) needs the participation of amateurs across the province to be able to serve the citizens of Ontario and the Amateur Community by providing a province wide back up communications system.

If you don’t check into the Net there is a 99% chance that your municipality will not be represented.  If you have not checked into the net there is a 100% chance that your municiapality is not being represented…


We could use your help…

Bob Sharp VA3QV OPN Net Manager