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From the OPN Net Manager

September 15, 2010

To all Ontario Participants:

September 15 2010

This is to advise you that on September 14th 2010 I contacted the Section Traffic Manager for Ontario VE3GNA and advised him that I would be unable to continue on in my position of Net Manager- Ontario Phone Net.  Glenn has replied and accepted my resignation.

I will be giving up my position effective at the end of the Net on September 30th but will gather Net Reports and submit the September Net Report to the STM.

If anyone needs more information please  contact the STM

I thank everyone for their support and hard work in the last 16 months and know that they will support my successor in the same fashion.


Bob Sharp VA3QV (outgoing Net Manager- Ontario Phone Net)


Commentary from the OPN Net Manager

April 13, 2010

Today is April 13th 2010 and this coming weekend is the Ontario QSO Party that is being sponsored by the Contest Club  Ontario.

As you can see from the following maps the Province of Ontario is made up of many municipalities and counties…’

Above- Northern Ontario


Above South Eastern Ontario


Above- South Western Ontario


Now the idea of this contest like all others is to make contacts but this time the multis are the counties of the Province of Ontario.  That would be the RED areas on the maps.  The more cities/counties you talk to the more your score get multiplied and there fore you have a higher score.

There is even a “clean sweep” catagory award for any station lucky enough to contact all the municipalities in Ontario

I will be participating in the contest as VA3QV and I believe you will also stand a chance of working VA3OPN (Ontario Phone Net) as our STM usually participates in this contest.

The idea of a clean sweep got me thinking however that if on a weekend that Ontario Amateurs would start calling CQ Ontario and try and work across the province why not check into the Ontario Phone Net 3.742 at 1900 hrs EDST or EST and try and work all of Ontario.  Our Net (your Net) needs the participation of amateurs across the province to be able to serve the citizens of Ontario and the Amateur Community by providing a province wide back up communications system.

If you don’t check into the Net there is a 99% chance that your municipality will not be represented.  If you have not checked into the net there is a 100% chance that your municiapality is not being represented…


We could use your help…

Bob Sharp VA3QV OPN Net Manager

Attention Net Participants

March 28, 2010

I had a quick before Net Chat with the STM on 3.742 last night and we were really being hammered by splatter from both above and below.

Granted the WPX contest made it worse, but most days there is a group on 3.740 who start up after our warm up starts and don’t really seem to care that we are already in session.T here is also a group on 3.745 that jumps in at about the same time and both groups must be running more than 100w.

I can only see this getting worse as the band conditons continue to improve which bring even more amateurs back to 80 m in the evenings.

Anyhow Glenn and myself discussed the potential for moving the net frequency down lower in the Canadian Band (as an example 3.642) as it seems less crowded down there.

Several other Canadian nets have moved down just to find some quiet space to operate.

So before anyone panics or jumping to conclusions please remember that this is just thinking out loud…

I think  that some of you out there are using 80m dipoles with no tuner so a QSY down would most likely mean you would have to do some antenna work.  Is this the case???  Would a QSY down be a hardship???  Would you follow the net if we did QSY?

If you have a tuner and/or a multi band antenna then the QSY would not really be an issue but… I know some people just don’t like changes…

I for one would appreciate a quieter frequency but like I said this is just thinking out loud (for now at least)

Give me your opinions…

Send them to me via email to

All comments will be held in confidence but if you want to voice your opinions then you can also add them as a comment to this posting for all to see.  The choice is yours…

But one way or another let me know your opinions so either we can devise a new COMMS PLAN or revise the old one to better serve the Ontario Section.


Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager Ontario Phone Net

New Net Times increasing Participation

March 23, 2010

First of all let me start off by saying that 40% of people don’t believe that Statistics prove anything…

Now I will tell you that after tabulating the Net reports for the last 18 days that our net participation (Number of stations checking in) has increased by just under 27% since we switched back to 1900 hours 9 days ago.

However this does coincide with the drop we took when we switched to the 1600 start time when the band conditions started to fail earlier in the season…

We are back to where we were when we started but for the net to do its job properly we would need a greater level of participation from the Amateur Community in Ontario and especially from the local ARES Groups who along with the NTS comprise RAC Field Services in Ontario.

The later start time ( when more amateurs are home and finished supper) along with the much better band conditons in the evenings should bring a much needed increase in participation.

We can’t do it without you!!!


Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager Ontario Phone Net


February 23, 2010

The following was copied from the ARES Ontario Website with full credit for the article given to them.  Posted here for your infomation.



To all Ontario ARES interests:

The Ontario ARES HF. network has returned
to operations due to improving propagation
on low HF. frequencies.

The Ontario ARES HF. Net is scheduled on
Sundays at 13:00 hrs. on 7.080 Mhz.40 mtrs.

The Ontario PROCOM HF. Net is scheduled on
Mondays at 21:00 hrs. on 3.650 Mhz.80 mtrs.

Please continue to support and maintain this
weekly HF. Emergency Communications network.

Bob Gammon, VA3RX On: February 23, 2010

Ontario ARES SEC


As Net Manager for the Ontario Phone Net I suggest that OPN Participants take the time to check into both nets to show a spirit of cooperation between ARES and NTS as well as getting used to operating with different groups.  Normally we only seem to get together for the Ontario SET.

73 Bob Sharp VA3QV  Net Manager Ontario Phone Net

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for February 20, 2010

February 20, 2010

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for February 20, 2010



1. Great Lakes Net Time Change

Effective February 15, the Great Lakes Emergency and Traffic Net
(GLETN) has changed its operating time from 6:30 pm Eastern to 7 pm
Eastern Time. As band conditions improve the net will move back to 8
pm in half-hour increments.

— Grant Watson K8VFZ, via Shawn Gartley VE3PSV

2. CW Operators Needed

Glenn Killam VE3GNA, Section Traffic Manager for the Ontario Section,
is looking for operators to visit some of the CW Traffic Nets to pick
up any traffic destined for Ontario.

Glenn suggests that you monitor the following frequencies:

Empire State Slow Speed Net (ESS) 7 pm 3576 kHz.
Second Region Net (2RN) Cycle 4 early 7:45 pm, late 9:30 pm 3576 kHz.
Hit and Bounce Slow Speed Net (HBSN) 7:30 am 3576 kHz
Hit and Bounce Net (HBN), 8:30 am 7042 kHz weekdays, 7114 kHz Saturday
and Sunday.

If you have questions, email Glenn, ve3gna (at) xplornet (dot) ca.

— Ontario Phone Net Blog


3. IARU Agrees Emergency Frequencies

All three regions of the International Amateur Radio Union have
agreed on three global Center of Activity (CoA) frequencies for use
in the event of emergencies: 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz. When no
emergency operations are being conducted, these frequencies are open
for normal amateur usage.

— ARRL Contest Update

4. Ham Radio Deluxe Software

Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) is a suite of free Windows programs providing
computer control for commonly used transceivers and receivers. HRD
also includes logging, mapping, satellite tracking, and the program
Digital Master 780 (DM780) which supports many digital modes.

HRD is designed for Windows 2000 or higher (XP, Vista, 7), also
Internet Explorer 6.0 (or higher) is required. Download it from

— Handi-Ham News

5. ITU Digitizes Historical Archives

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has launched the
“History of ITU Portal,” at This is part of a
project to digitize, catalogue, and make freely available the ITU’s
historical documents since its founding in 1865. This includes
documents from early telegraph and telephone conferences, as well as
Radiocommunication Conferences since 1903.

— ARRL Web

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ.

Thinking of a change???

February 10, 2010

With the promise of better weather comes the reminder that the band conditions will be changing as when they do we change the start time of the net back to its 1900 EASTERN time slot.

If you get a chance start listening in the evenings around 1800-2000 on the 80m band and tell me how things are for you at that time.

Your input will determine when the change will occur…

More on this later…


Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager Ontario Phone Net

Further to Yesterdays Posting for NCS

February 8, 2010

I was mentioning the need for Net Control Stations:

Here is our Schedule as of todays date:

Monday-     VE3RHJ     Brad

Tuesday-     Temp Open Shift- Unsure of Duration

Wednesday- Temp Open Shift- Approx 1 Month Duration

Thursday-     Temp Open Shift- Approx 2 Month Duration

Friday-           Temp Open Shift- Approx 2 Month duration

Saturday-    VA3PB Paul covering shift for approx 2 months

Sunday-     VE3PSV     Shawn


Tuesday- Joe is off on long term medical leave and his date of return is unknown.

Wednesday- Ian is off for approx 1 month and then will be returning

Thursday- George is heading south for the winter and will be back in approx 7 weeks

Friday- Is currently open but Paul VA3PB has shown an interest in returning to his old time slot and give up his Saturday Slot once we change back to the Summer hours Net time of 1900hrs

If you can help out or would like more information please contact the Net Manager

Net Control Stations Wanted

February 7, 2010

Due to winter holidays and medical issues I have an immediate need for 4 Net Control Operators.

Two would be a full time positions – (one shift a week)

One would be a temp posting for approx 5 weeks ( one shift a week)

One would be a temp posting for approx 8 weeks ( one shift a week)

The pay is lousy but the time off is great…

If you would like to help out please contact the Net Manager

Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager Ontario Phone Net

NTS operating under Winter Field Day rules

January 31, 2010

On Saturday Jan 30 2010 OPN Net Manager Bob Sharp VA3QV while operating as part of the Victor Alpha 3 Real Cold Spot (VA3RCS) Group participating in the SPAR Winter Field Day checked into the 2nd Region Traffic Net at 1345 hours EST representing Ontario and the Ontario Phone Net.

“VA3RCS going to Ontario with No Traffic over…”

“VA3QV at the mike”

(Above Picture courtesy Martin VA3SIE)

The NCS for 2RN was AK2Z (Doug in Camden NY) and according to it was distance of just over 140 miles from Ottawa to Camden NY or 230 kms if you like the metric system.  Not too bad for an 80m daytime contact.

Signal reports were good from other stations in the New York Section and the New Jersey Section.

Dougs setup can be found on his QRZ site and the setup in Ottawa was a Yaesu FT 817 (5w QRP) along with a W3EDP antenna at approx 15 feet above ground level.

At 1345 hours Eastern the temp in Ottawa was approx -20 deg C or -4 deg F but it was sunny out.

“If you can pass traffic outside at -20 degrees then you can do it anytime”

For your information the Ontario Phone Net meets up with the 2nd region net daily at 1345 hours and 1830 hours on 3.925 mhz  to pick up traffic for Ontario and to send traffic from Ontario.  In addition the Ontario Phone Net meets daily at 1600 EST on 3.742 mhz

More pictures and infomation can be found of the following blogs:

VA3SIE Martin and VA3QV Bob

Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager Ontario Phone Net