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If you want to listen along

January 21, 2010

The following information comes to us via the RAC Ontario Section Traffic Manager and his new website. The site is currently under construction but what information is there is accurate and up to date…

If you are planning on participating in any of the traffic nets when the Haiti Traffic starts you should be listening now to get the formats of the nets figured out.

Try any of the nets on this list…

NTS traffic nets operate in four cycles. Each cycle is timed to maximize the efficient transfer of traffic from one level to the next. In some sections and regions, there will not be a net in each cycle. This is determined by the available operators and average traffic amounts.

The cycles are as follows:

Cycle One

10:00 am Section

10:45 am Region

11:30 am Area

12:30 pm Region

Cycle Two

1:00 pm Section

1:45 pm Region

2:30 pm Area

3:30 pm Region

Cycle Three

4:00 pm Section

4:45 pm Region

5:30 pm Area

6:30 pm Region

Cycle Four

7:00 pm Section

7:45 pm Region

8:30 pm Area

9:30 pm Region

10:00 pm Section

Generally speaking, nets in Cycles One through Three will be on voice and Cycle Four nets will be CW. There will always be exceptions to this, and as well there are wide-area nets which meet at different times to take advantage of early morning propagation for maximum coverage.

A chronological list of some of the traffic nets heard regularly in the Eastern Time zone, both NTS affiliated and wide-area. All times are Eastern.

Amateur Radio Telegraph Society (ARTS) daily 7:15 to 8:30 am on 7052 khz (CW) Wide Area

Hit and Bounce Slow Net (HBSN) daily 7:30 am on 7042 khz (CW) Wide Area

Hit and Bounce Net (HBN) daily 8:30 am (M-F 7042 khz and S-S 7114 khz CW) Wide Area

Eighth Region Net (8RN) daily 12:30 pm 3865 khz

Second Region Net (2RN) daily 1:45 pm 3925 khz- This is the net that the OPN hooks up with…

Fourth Region Net (4RN) daily 1:45 pm 7243 khz (again at 3:30 pm)

Eastern Area Net (EAN) daily 2:30 pm (M-F 7243 khz and S-S 7050 khz) Area Net

Central Area Net (CAN) daily 3:15 pm ( begins on 14345 khz and QSY’s to 7240 and down at approx 3:25 pm)

First Region Net (1RN) daily 3:30 pm 3948 khz

Ontario Phone Net (OPN) daily 4:00 pm 3742 khz (reverts to regular time of 7:00 pm with change to DST)

Fifth Region Net (RN5) daily commencing approx 4:15 pm 7243 khz

Eighth Region Net (8RN) daily 4:30 pm 3865 khz

New York Public Operations Net (NYPON) daily 5:00 pm 3925 khz

New York State Phone Net (NYS) daily 6:00 pm 3925 khz

Second Region Net (2RN) daily 6:30 pm 3925 khz (alternate 1840 khz) This is the net that the OPN hooks up with…

Atlantic Provinces Net (APN) daily 7:00 pm 3654 khz (CW)

Second Region Net (2RN) daily 7:45 pm 3576 khz (CW)

Eastern Area Net (EAN) daily 8:30 pm 3577 khz CW ( alternate 1812 khz)

Second Region Net (2RN) daily 9:30 pm 3576 khz

Each section will have nets operating at these or similar times with each time zone. This is only a partial list of the nets regularly heard in Eastern Ontario.