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With a new start time comes other changes

March 15, 2010

Sundays net went quite well with Shawn VE3PSV as NCS and we were able to take advantage of the better band conditons at 1900 hrs.

Now that we have changed from 1600 EST to 1900 EDST we do have some changes in the NCS Roster.

DAY                  NCS             NAME        LOCATION





WEDNESDAY__VE3HMS__Ian______South River




**** VE3TPZ should be starting his new duties on March 23rd and VE3PSV will be covering March 16th.

The “Warm Up” will start approx at 1830 hours and will normally be conducted by Shawn VE3PSV on or about 3.742 depending on frequency usage  and band conditons to hold the frequency for the Net at 1900 hrs

If you have any question please email the OPN Net Manager

73  Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager