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Attention Net Participants

March 28, 2010

I had a quick before Net Chat with the STM on 3.742 last night and we were really being hammered by splatter from both above and below.

Granted the WPX contest made it worse, but most days there is a group on 3.740 who start up after our warm up starts and don’t really seem to care that we are already in session.T here is also a group on 3.745 that jumps in at about the same time and both groups must be running more than 100w.

I can only see this getting worse as the band conditons continue to improve which bring even more amateurs back to 80 m in the evenings.

Anyhow Glenn and myself discussed the potential for moving the net frequency down lower in the Canadian Band (as an example 3.642) as it seems less crowded down there.

Several other Canadian nets have moved down just to find some quiet space to operate.

So before anyone panics or jumping to conclusions please remember that this is just thinking out loud…

I think  that some of you out there are using 80m dipoles with no tuner so a QSY down would most likely mean you would have to do some antenna work.  Is this the case???  Would a QSY down be a hardship???  Would you follow the net if we did QSY?

If you have a tuner and/or a multi band antenna then the QSY would not really be an issue but… I know some people just don’t like changes…

I for one would appreciate a quieter frequency but like I said this is just thinking out loud (for now at least)

Give me your opinions…

Send them to me via email to

All comments will be held in confidence but if you want to voice your opinions then you can also add them as a comment to this posting for all to see.  The choice is yours…

But one way or another let me know your opinions so either we can devise a new COMMS PLAN or revise the old one to better serve the Ontario Section.


Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager Ontario Phone Net