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February 23, 2010

The following was copied from the ARES Ontario Website with full credit for the article given to them.  Posted here for your infomation.



To all Ontario ARES interests:

The Ontario ARES HF. network has returned
to operations due to improving propagation
on low HF. frequencies.

The Ontario ARES HF. Net is scheduled on
Sundays at 13:00 hrs. on 7.080 Mhz.40 mtrs.

The Ontario PROCOM HF. Net is scheduled on
Mondays at 21:00 hrs. on 3.650 Mhz.80 mtrs.

Please continue to support and maintain this
weekly HF. Emergency Communications network.

Bob Gammon, VA3RX On: February 23, 2010

Ontario ARES SEC


As Net Manager for the Ontario Phone Net I suggest that OPN Participants take the time to check into both nets to show a spirit of cooperation between ARES and NTS as well as getting used to operating with different groups.  Normally we only seem to get together for the Ontario SET.

73 Bob Sharp VA3QV  Net Manager Ontario Phone Net