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July 12, 2009

Its been no secret that since I took over the position of Net Manager of the Ontario Phone Net (and long before to be honest) I have been plagued with a very high noise level on 80m here at the home QTH in Ottawa.

You might hear me talking about the remote receivers either in Niagara Falls Ontario or Erie PA which allows me to hear the Net.

EchoLinkIconI am checking in via ECHOLINK in a duplex style of setting.  You are hearing me transmit via RF from my home QTH in Ottawa but I do listen via RF in Ottawa but also use the ECHOLINK to augment my receive depending on how bad my noise level is at the time.

I would like to thank Ken VE3MAZ in Niagara Falls and N8AD Len in Erie PA for allowing me to use their systems for recieve purposes so I can participate in the Ontario Phone Net.  Without their contributions to the National Traffic Service I would be very limited in my participation,

The above video might give you an indication of how the system works but I only use it for recieve as my transmitter works fine but the noise level here is on a good night about a S9+.

Thanks again to these system operators for allowing me to participate in the NTS.

Bob Sharp VA3QV

Net Manager Ontario Phone Net