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CW Operators needed by Ontario Section

February 17, 2010

I was talking to Glenn Killam VE3GNA who is the Section Traffic Manager for the Ontario Section of RAC and he is looking for some CW operators to visit some of the CW Traffic Nets to represent the Ontario Section and pick up any traffic destined for Ontario.

Glenn suggests that you monitor the following frequencies:

Empire State Net (ESS) 7 pm 3576 khz
2RN Cycle 4 early 7:45 pm 3576 khz
2RN Cycle 4 late 9:30 pm 3576 khz

Also strongly suggest HBSN daily at 7:30 am on 3576 or HBN at 8:30 on 7042 M-F and 7114 weekends.

And if you have the time and you feel comfortable with the formats of the nets send him an email < > and he would be able to answer any of your questions


CW Traffic Net

October 29, 2009

I received an email from our STM Glenn VE3GNA about the following nets.  I have edited out a few sentences for content but if you can assist with your CW Skills or if you just want to listen in…

Hit and Bounce (HBN) and Hit and Bounce Slow Speed (HBSN) nets.

These nets have been in operation since 1938 for HBN and 1976 for HBSN. HBN meets daily on 7042 khz (Mon to Fri) and 7114 khz on weekends at 8:30 am ET while HBSN is daily at 7:30 am on 3576 khz.

Currently we have seven stalwarts in the role of NCS, but would like to encourage increased participation. Both nets have a role as independent wide-area nets outside the traditional NTS format, as their timeslots take advantage of early morning propagation to provide coverage for traffic purposes.

Average speed on HBSN is between 10 and 13 WPM and HBN is conducted at between 22 and 30 WPM. All traffic handlers will QRS to accomodate anyone who requires a slower speed.

I would like to ask for your support as OPN manager and Bulletin manager to promote these two valuable nets, and to help us get additional CW operators back on the paddles and straight keys.
Thank you and 73,
Glenn VE3GNA- Net Manager HBSN

If you need more information feel free to contact Glenn