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June 5, 2011
RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for June 4, 2011

This is V__3____, Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of
Canada, with this week's bulletin



1. OPN Interim Manager

James Davidson, VE3TPZ, has offered his services as a temporary Net
Manager for the Ontario Phone Net, effective June 1.  James will
continue in this role until a permanent successor is appointed.
Please join me in welcoming James to this post. 

-- Glenn Killam VE3GNA, Ontario Section Traffic Manager


2. AMSAT Field Day

Field Day 2011 runs from 1800 UTC June 25 to 2100 UTC June 26.  The
AMSAT Field Day competiton encourages the use of analog and digital
amateur satellites to make contacts.  The exchange is the same as for
regular Field Day contacts.  Note that only ONE contact is allowed on
each single channel FM satellite. This restriction includes the
International Space Station.  A PDF of the complete rules, including
scoring information, is at

-- AMSAT News Service

3. The Adventures of Zack and Max

Icom America has produced a series of comic books based on amateur
radio for youngsters.  Titled "The Adventures of Zack and Max," they
follow the adventures of the two teen hams with stories designed to
provide the reader with some basic information about ham radio, its
history, its applications, and its relevance in the world today.  So
far there are seven issues, along with matching coloring books for
the younger set.  They can be downloaded in PDF format at 

-- Amateur Radio Newsline

4. FEMA Administrator Calls Amateur Radio "The Last Line of Defense"

In an FCC forum on earthquake communications preparedness, U.S.
Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Craig Fugate
praised Amateur Radio, saying:

"During the initial communications out of Haiti, volunteers using
assigned frequencies that they are allocated, their own equipment,
their own money, nobody pays them, were the first ones oftentimes
getting word out in the critical first hours and first days as the
rest of the systems came back up ... I think that there is a tendency
because we have done so much to build infrastructure and resiliency
in all our other systems, we have tended to dismiss that role 'When
Everything Else Fails.' Amateur Radio oftentimes is our last line of

Fugate observed that despite all efforts, public service
communications will fail, and a strong Amateur Radio community is
essential.  In his words, "most of the time they're going be bored
... But when you need Amateur Radio, you really need them."

-- ARRL Web

This concludes this week's bulletin. Does anyone require repeats or
Hearing none, This is V__3____ returning the frequency to net control.

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ.

Ontario Phone Controllers Wanted

June 2, 2011

Greetings everyone from the James VE3TPZ/VA3WR

We are in need of Net Controllers on Wednesday’s and Saturday and also have the need for some backup net controllers who could assist when a regular net control operators are away on.  If you wish to learn or be a regular or backup net control operator please contact myself or anyone of the net contollers on the OPN .


James Davidson VE3TPZ/VA3WR EMAIL



June 2, 2011

Greetings Everyone.

This is VE3TPZ  James I’m filling as the Temporary Manager for the Ontario Phone Net.

At this time there are no script changes or other changes other than an updated Net Controller Schedule.

The current Script that Our Last net manager Ian VE3HMS has written up is working fine so I will remain with it.


Our net controllers are as follows

Sunday       VE3TPZ JAMES

Monday      VE3RHJ Brad

Tuesday      VE3PSV Shawn

Wednesday    Open (VE3TPZ |filling in )

Thursday     VE3WKJ George

Friday          VA3PB PAUL

Saturday’s   Open (VE3TPZ will fill in  if Available)

If I have omitted someone please advised me ASAp by email AT

James Davidson VE3TPZ/VA3WR

Ontario Phone Net Contollers Schedule

June 2, 2011

Greetings Everyone.

This is VE3TPZ  James I’m filling as the Temporary Manager for the Ontario Phone Net.

At this time there are no script changes or other changes other than an updated Net Controller Schedule.

The current Script that Our Last net manager Ian VE3HMS has written up is working fine so I will remain with it.


Our net controllers are as follows

Sunday       VE3TPZ JAMES

Monday      VE3RHJ Brad

Tuesday      VE3PSV Shawn

Wednesday    Open (VE3TPZ |filling in )

Thursday     VE3WKJ George

Friday     OPEN

Saturday’s   Open (VE3TPZ will fill in  if Available)

If I have omitted someone please advised me ASAp by email AT

James Davidson VE3TPZ/VA3WR

SET Info

October 1, 2010

Several ARES groups in New York State are having SET exercises tomorrow October 2, 2010. All groups will be originating traffic to be passed via NTS HF nets through the day. I would like to encourage any and all groups in Ontario to announce their exercises on the Ontario Phone Net by way of NTS messages to other groups both within and outside the province. By doing so you assist in training in traffic handling and keep our nets solvent. The province-wide SET date will be announced after October 23rd following a meeting between EMO and ARES and FS interests which is scheduled for that date in Toronto.

All ARES groups in Ontario which are holding local exercises are encouraged to utilize NTS to promote your local SET. It may be necessary, depending on the scenario of the exercise to require the use of non-local amateurs to relay exercise traffic, and by advising neighbouring groups of your plans, you increase the probability of having such assistance available.


Glenn VE3GNA Temporary OPN Manager and STM

2010 SET Update

September 26, 2010

To all Net Participants:

As mentioned in the previous post

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for September 25, 2010″

The Simulated Emergency Test (SET) is an annual emergency
communications exercise, administered by ARRL and RAC. Both the
Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) and the National Traffic
System (NTS) are involved.  The SET gives communicators the
opportunity to focus on the emergency-communications capability
within your community, while interacting with NTS nets.

For Canada EXCEPT Ontario, the SET will be held October 16.
Ontario will be holding its provincial SET at a later date, to be
announced after October 23.

Individual ARES units and other groups
are free to conduct their SETs anytime between September 1 and
November 30 if an alternative date is preferred. The activity period
should not exceed 48 hours.  For more information visit (Three Nine Seven Nine Kilo Oscar Mike)


At the time of posting this entry (Saturday September 25th at 1945hrs EDST) the Ontario Phone Net has not been notified by either  EMO Ontario or the Ontario ARES group of any tasking for the Ontario SET.

As the SET exercise will occur after my resignation takes effect please look for a notice from the incoming Net Manager or the Ontario Section Traffic Manager concerning extra sessions of the net to support the SET.



Bob Sharp VA3QV

(outgoing) Net Manager Ontario Phone Net

From the OPN Net Manager

September 15, 2010

To all Ontario Participants:

September 15 2010

This is to advise you that on September 14th 2010 I contacted the Section Traffic Manager for Ontario VE3GNA and advised him that I would be unable to continue on in my position of Net Manager- Ontario Phone Net.  Glenn has replied and accepted my resignation.

I will be giving up my position effective at the end of the Net on September 30th but will gather Net Reports and submit the September Net Report to the STM.

If anyone needs more information please  contact the STM

I thank everyone for their support and hard work in the last 16 months and know that they will support my successor in the same fashion.


Bob Sharp VA3QV (outgoing Net Manager- Ontario Phone Net)

Update from Net Manager

August 9, 2010

August 9 2010.

As of todays date I am still off the air at home due to the failure of my autotuner.  While trying to jury rig a temporary solution to the problem a support line for the W3EDP broke and now I have no antennas in the air.  Testing of the radio and the tuner are planned for early this week…

I will try to get an antenna up and running for the Wednesday and Thursday Nets but no guarantees at this time and the station will also be QRP as the only working tuner I have at this time is a QRP Tuner.

Please hold all net reports for now as I will try to get them on Wednesday/Thursday if band conditions allow.

Hoping for the best…


Broken Links and missing pictures

July 4, 2010

Today I was showing a friend the blog on his computer and suddenly noticed that there was a picture that should of been there…  As it turns out I had uploaded directly from an email attachment and unless you had access to my email you would not see it…  I quickly copied the picture to a public directory and re uploaded it and you can see it…

The moral of this story is….  I am human and often do make mistakes….  Sometimes something that looks like its in the right place on one of my 3 laptops might not look right on your monitor.  Sometimes like the last goof up I upload a file from a private directory which means I can see it on line but you can’t…  If you see a mistake please don’t assume I know its there and let me know so I can look into it and make any corrections that might be needed…


NTS, the OPN and the ISS

June 29, 2010

The following is from my Personal Blog ( describing an interesting contact made early Sunday Morning during Field Day.  Just a reminder that in this day and age the NTS can reach out…

The highlight of  Field Day came much later but did involve the NTS when around 0100 local with a Carleton Student at the controls.  There was a station calling CQ Field Day but every time they made the contact at the end the operator asked the contacted station if they could handle NTS Traffic for the bonus points and strange as it seems none of the contacted stations were willing to pick up the traffic.  When we finally got through to the station I instucted my operator (I think her name was Maria from Carleton U) to accept the traffic and I would copy it.  To be honest I was expecting the usual message to “Uncle Bill from your nephew at the Ham Radio Exibit at Field Day” but as the sending station was relaying the message you could hear a pin drop as the recipient was given:

Now this was something…  I have been connected with the NTS for many years and this was the first time I had ever heard of a NTS message being addressed to the ISS.  We accepted reciept of the message and then continued on with our Field Day after explaining to Maria the functions and history of the NTS… 
After Field Day I contacted the Ontario Section Traffic Manager and asked how I would route traffic to the ISS and it was decided I would try via AMSAT.  The local Canadian AMSAT Rep who happens to live in Ottawa (VE3VIG) send an email to the ARRL and at this time we are waiting to hear back to see if we send it to NASA or the Russian Space Federation for relay.  From what we have been told so far it appears that this is the first time a Canadian Amateur Radio Station has had to pass traffic to outer space via NTS and it could also be the first time that any NTS Message has been sent to outer  space and we are eagerly awaiting routing instructions and also to find out if indeed this was a first for Amateur Radio.
As I said earlier this was the highlight of Field Day for me…
Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager