Introducing The CW Open!!!!

To all you CW aficionados out there. Dust off the straight key, clean up the bug, get the paddles out of mothballs and let’s have some fun!


Glenn VE3GNA

To all who are members of ham clubs (DX, contest, local). Please copy and paste the info below to your clubs’ reflectors. If the club has a newsletter, please forward it to the editor. The more people who know about CW OPEN, the more participants we’ll have. And, the more who show up, the better result for everyone. Thank you all in advance.

Please email me ( to let me know where you’ve posted it.
Thanks. Use the subject header “info posted”

Coming…The World’s First “CW Open” Events

What? Three separate 4-hour contests, each separately scored and awarded

When? August 20, 2011 from 1200-1600Z and 2000-2400Z and August 21 from 0400-0800Z

Mode? CW

Bands? 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10

Categories? Single operator (QRP <5w; LP >5 but <100 w; HP >100w); Packet, Skimmer, and Reverse Beacon systems are allowed

Teams? Yes, teams of 10 or less, no geography restrictions

Club competiton? Teams (see above)

Exchange? Serial number + name

Scoring? Each 4-hour contest starts at 0 points, 0 mults; work someone once per band per event; score 1 point per QSO per band and 1 mult per call sign once per event

*Trophy for 1st place in each time period.
*Plaque for 1st place in each power level in each time period
*Trophy for over all combined score of all three time periods.
*Plaque for 1st place for each power level in the combined score group.
Note: if the same entrant wins multiple awards, they may be combined.
*Certificates for achieving more than 100 QSOs in any or all time periods

Logging software support? N1MM, WriteLog, TR4W, CQ/X, SD, GenLog (more, check “rules” page –see below)

Log submission? One log per event; Cabrillo format

Deadline for Log submission? By 2400Z on September 5, 2011



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