The Beat Goes On – Part II

The Beat Goes On Part II.

The heart of the Ontario Phone Net is still beating and no need for a pacemaker yet. The net meets each evening at its prescribed time of 7:00 pm EDT on 3745 khz and shall remain there until WE decide to move it. In case of an emergency, as with any net, we will immediately cease operations in favour of the emergency communications personnel. That does not mean that they control us, simply that we are living up to our end and that is supplying an outlet for message traffic from the Ontario Section to the National Traffic System.

As the statement on the RAC main page states, “Amateur Radio exists as a frequency spectrum user because it qualifies as a service. Its continued existence depends to a great degree not on the service it has performed in the past, or on its simple potential for service, but on what service it is performing now and will continue to perform in the future.” 

On that note let me state unequivocably that we the members of OPN will continue to strive to be the best we can be at what we do which is handle message traffic.


Glenn VE3GNA, Acting OPN NM


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