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Good News

May 30, 2011

I received an e-mail today from James Davidson, VE3TPZ, offering his services as temporary OPN Net Manager until such time as a permanent manager is appointed. I would like to take a moment to thank James for his willingness to assume the role. James will take over effective June 1, 2011.

I know that we all wish him well in this endeavour.




Rac Bulletin for Week of MAY 28

May 29, 2011

Official Bulletin, RAC Ontario Section

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for May 28, 2011

This is V__3____, Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of
Canada, with this week's bulletin


1. Ontario Distracted Driving Appeal

Bill Unger, VE3XT, RAC Director Ontario North/East, is co-ordinating
the drive to exempt Amateurs in Ontario against the Distracted
Driving legislation (Bill 118). He needs letters of support from
third party groups and organizations.  If you help with
communications for any group or are part of an emergency response
procedure for your community, please ask them for a letter.

The letter need not say that amateurs need to operate mobile, but
just a strong statement that Amateurs are important to the operation
of their event or emergency preparedness plan. The letters can be
addressed either to Kathleen Wynne MPP, Ontario Minister of
Transportation, or to your individual group.

-- RAC Bulletin Service

2. RAC Ontario South Director Elected

Congratulations are extended to Jeffrey Stewart, VA3WXM  who was
recently elected as the RAC Director for Ontario South for the
remainder of a two year term which ends December 31, 2011. Mr.
Stewart emerged with the majority vote over Nelson  Jenking, VA3NDJ
in a mail ballot closing May 13th.

Mr. Stewart has been a certified amateur operator since March 1999
and involved in many aspects of the hobby, including a recent term as
President of the Mississauga Amateur Radio Club.

-- Paul Burggraaf, VO1PRB, RAC Corporate Secretary


3. CANWARN Training, June 13-16

The last CANWARN training of 2011 will be offered at these locations:

June 13th, 7 PM, Thunder Bay, at Confederation College,  McIntyre
Building, Rm. 195, corner of William and Edward Streets.

June 14th, 7 PM, Fort Frances/Emo, at the Emo-Lavalle Community
Centre, 78 Colonization Road, Emo.

June 15th, 7 PM, Kenora, at the City of Kenora Fire and Emergency
Services Facility and Regional Training Centre, 100 14th Street North

June 16th, 7 PM, Dryden, at the Dryden Fire Services Training Room,
189 Colonization Avenue.

If you will be attending a CANWARN training session, please send an
email to Geoff.Coulson (at), so that he can reserve space.

-- Environment Canada


4. London Vintage Radio Club Flea Market

The London Vintage Radio Club will hold its annual flea market on
Saturday, June 11, at Hammond Manufacturing, 394 Edinburgh Road
North, the corner of Speedvale and Edinburgh, in Guelph.  Note: this
is NOT the Hammond Museum location.  Open to public and vendors at 7
am. For more information visit

-- RAC Events Database

5. WX4NHC Station Test

The annual WX4NHC On-the-Air Station Test from the National Hurricane
Center (NHC) in Miami will take place Saturday, June 4, 1300-2100 UTC
(0900-1700 EDT). The purpose is to test all the radio equipment; this
is NOT a contest or simulated hurricane exercise.

WX4NHC will be on the air on HF, VHF and UHF, plus 2 and 30 meter
APRS. Suggested SSB frequencies are 3.950, 7.268, 14.325, 21.325 and
28.525 MHz, +/-QRM.  WX4NHC also will be on the VoIP Hurricane Net
1700-1900 UTC (IRLP node 9219/EchoLink WX-TALK Conference).

Stations working WX4NHC exchange call sign, signal report, location
and name, plus a brief weather report, such as "sunny", "rain", or
"cloudy".  QSL via WD4R and include a self-addressed, stamped
envelope. Do not send cards to the NHC. 

-- ARRL Web

6. Experimental 70 MHz Beacon

A new 70 Mhz beacon, WE9XUP, is on the air from the United States
operating under a non-amateur experimental license.  It operates on
70.005 MHz from its location atop Apple Orchard Mountain in Bedford,
Virginia, 4200 feet above sea level, Grid Square FMO7fm.

WE9XUP is currently scheduled to run 24 hours a day until September
1st transmitting in Morse.  Its primary purpose is propagation study,
including trans-Atlantic E-skip.  Send reception reports to Brian
Justin via e-mail at WA1ZMS (at) arrl (dot) net.

-- Amateur Radio Newsline

This concludes this week's bulletin. Does anyone require repeats or
Hearing none, This is V__3____ returning the frequency to net control.

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ.

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for May 7 2011

May 8, 2011

Official Bulletin, RAC Ontario Section


1. NARED now ready for applicants

The National Amateur Radio Emergency Database (NARED) is ready to receive applicants. If you would like to be considered, have a high level of Emcomm training or are willing to update, please contact RAC VPFS Doug Mercer, VO1DTM, email vo1dtm (at), to receive an information package, release of liability form and application. Your application will be reviewed by our National Emergency Coordinator VE6AFO, and NARED Manager VA3TSA.

— RAC Bulletin Service

2. New Field Organization IT Advisor

The Field Organization National Secretariat welcomes A.J.(Andrew) Bryan, VE7KSN, as IT Advisor.  A.J. has experience as a Business Analyst and IT Support Specialist with the British Columbia Provincial Emergency Program, is staff representative to the Radio Advisory Committee, and is currently Emergency Management Technology Specialist with the PEP, Emergency Management British Columbia.  His knowledge and experience will contribute to the successful implementation of a new Field Organization.

— RAC Bulletin Service

3. Field Organization Seeks PR Specialist

Our National Secretariat has an opening for a Public Relations specialist.  Candidates should have a degree in administration with five years PR experience; extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office; good decision making and problem solving skills; solid communication skills; fluency in both official languages; and knowledge of all social  network modes.  The applicant should be creative, outgoing, enthusiastic, confident, and an effective team player. If you would like to be considered for this National volunteer position, please forward your CV to VPFS Doug Mercer, VO1DTM, email vo1dtm (at)

 — RAC Bulletin Service



4. Space Weather to leave WWV

Beginning Tuesday, September 6, the Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) will cease broadcasting its geophysical alert message on WWV and WWVH. These messages inform listeners of the solar flux, the mid-latitude A and K indices and space weather storms, both current and predicted. Currently, the message is heard on minute 18 from WWV and minute 45 from WWVH. The information will still be available on the SWPC website, at  If you care to comment on this, or if you have any questions, the SWPC’s email address is swpc.wwv (at)

— ARRL Web

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ

The Beat Goes On – Part II

May 6, 2011

The Beat Goes On Part II.

The heart of the Ontario Phone Net is still beating and no need for a pacemaker yet. The net meets each evening at its prescribed time of 7:00 pm EDT on 3745 khz and shall remain there until WE decide to move it. In case of an emergency, as with any net, we will immediately cease operations in favour of the emergency communications personnel. That does not mean that they control us, simply that we are living up to our end and that is supplying an outlet for message traffic from the Ontario Section to the National Traffic System.

As the statement on the RAC main page states, “Amateur Radio exists as a frequency spectrum user because it qualifies as a service. Its continued existence depends to a great degree not on the service it has performed in the past, or on its simple potential for service, but on what service it is performing now and will continue to perform in the future.” 

On that note let me state unequivocably that we the members of OPN will continue to strive to be the best we can be at what we do which is handle message traffic.


Glenn VE3GNA, Acting OPN NM