The Beat Goes On

Back in the 1960’s a popular recording duo, Sonny and Cher, had a hit with the song “The Beat Goes On”. That pretty much summarizes the current status of the Ontario Phone Net. We may not have a named leader but the net is still a viable entity within the NTS structure here in the Ontario Section.

A couple of our stalwart controllers have announced that they wish to be relieved of duty as a direct result of the supposed takeover of OPN by ECOA. I sincerely hope they will reconsider for at least the short term.

In response to a query by Mr Ian Cope VE3HMS, the former manager of OPN to Industry Canada, the following reply was received.

Mr. Cope

Further to your query regarding the control of Amateur Radio Communications by Emergency Management Ontario.

The regulations provide for a means by which a person, government (municipal/Federal) or a relief organization may enlist the aid of volunteer Amateur Radio operators to provide communications services required.  In the event of a Local, Provincial, National, or International emergency, the appropriate authority would establish a network through the use of individual Amateur Radio operators or through an organization like ARRL-RAC NTS if deemed appropriate to do so.  That Authority may, or may not be the EMO. In any case, that authority would maintain control of all communications that are performed on its behalf.

There are no exclusive rights given to any person, or authority save that any communications performed on behalf of that person or authority would be under the control of that person or authority.  During an emergency situation, and in the best interests of those requiring aid, control of communications should be deferred to the person, government or relief organisation best suited to provide the aid required, upon receiving a request to do so.

I trust that this has provided the answer to your query.


Alan McLean
Spectrum Management Officer | Agent, Gestion du spectre
Spectrum Management Operations Branch | Direction générale des opérations de la gestion du spectre
Spectrum, Information Technologies and Telecommunications Sector | Secteur du Spectre, des technologies de l’information et des télécommunications

Industry Canada | Industrie Canada

Among other things it gives amateurs the permission to call upon anyone who they deem able to provide assistance in time of emergency to do so. If we need to get a message to Northwestern Ontario we are allowed to channel the request through the State of Michigan, for example or Minnesota, should it be deemed necessary. It does not give any single organization carte blanche responsibility for all EMCOMMS in Ontario. We are, after all, all volunteers doing what our hobby allows us to do. Now if only we could get Bill 118 amended to exempt amateurs here in Ontario as has been done in at least six or seven other provinces……………..

That is a topic for another soapbox.


Glenn VE3GNA, Section Traffic Manager


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