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Official Bulletin, RAC Ontario Section

January 22, 2011

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for January 22, 2011


1. VA3DM appointed Special Advisor

I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Doug Mein VA3DM, Special Advisor to the Radio Amateurs of Canada Field Organization. Doug’s focus will be with strategic matters that affect the Radio Amateurs of Canada Field Organization nationally.

Doug has an extensive background and is retired from Transport Canada after 33 years of service. During the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States, Doug was Director of Transport Canada’s Air Navigation Services and Airspace Branch in Ottawa, playing a key role in coordinating department operations and taking decisive action on behalf of the Canadian Government. Doug was also the chief architect behind the creation of NAV Canada. I know that you will all join me in welcoming Doug.

— Doug Mercer VO1DTM, RAC VP Field Services



2. Applications Open for Amateur Radio Scholarships

The non-profit Foundation for Amateur Radio (FAR) is now accepting applications for 48 scholarships for the academic year 2011-2012 to assist radio amateurs pursuing higher education. Non-US residents are eligible for some of the scholarships. More information and an application form may be found at the FAR website, Applications must be received by March 31, 2011.

— ARRL Web

3. NASA Seeking Hams’ Help

NASA is asking hams around the world to listen for the beacon from the NanoSail-D nanosatellite, which was ejected January 19th from the larger FASTSAT. Nanosail-D is supposed to deploy a solar sail after three days in orbit. Hams who monitor the 437.270 MHz beacon are asked to send reports to For more information visit (Five Sierra Alpha Romeo Zulu Five Three)

— CQ Bulletin Service

4. Winter QRP Fox Hunts

A QRP Fox Hunt is 90 minute event during which low-power (QRP) stations, or “Hounds,” attempt to make contact with specific QRP stations designated as the “Foxes.” This winter the fox hunts are held every Tuesday evening on 80m CW, and every Thursday evening on 40m CW, from 9 pm to 10:29 pm Eastern time. For more information see

— via Glenn Killam, VE3GNA

5. Scientists Model Ionosphere F-Region

Scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory have developed SAMI3, a three-dimensional simulation model of the low- to mid-latitude ionosphere, and are using it to study anomalies in the equatorial F region. The F-region is home to the F-layer, which is the layer of the ionosphere most important for HF DX propagation. Better ionospheric models may lead to better propagation forecasts.

—, via Austin VE3NCQ

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Official Bulletin, RAC Ontario Section

January 15, 2011

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for January 15, 2011


1. Caribbean Emergency and Weather Net

The purpose of the Caribbean Emergency & Weather Net (CEWN) is to handle all forms of Amateur Radio traffic, pass weather information, and emergency traffic. Currently the CEWN meets twice daily, at 10:30 and 22:30 UTC on 3.815 MHz. During emergencies, sessions will be extended, and may be conducted on 7.162 MHz if conditions require.

Thanks to the effort of webmaster Waine J73WA, the CEWN has a new web page. Visit for more information about the net.

— RAC Bulletin Service

2. Canadian Ski Marathon seeks operators

The 45th Canadian Ski Marathon (CSM) will be held on February 12 and 13. The event runs between Lachute and Buckingham in western Quebec, snow or shine, and once again ham radio volunteers are needed. The CSM depends on ham radio to provide important and timely safety and logistical communication for the benefit of the skiers. More information is available at their web page, If you would like to volunteer, please email Harold VA3UNK, radio1 (at) admin2 (dot) ca.

— via RAC Blog


3. Assistant Section Manager Appointed

I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Hickey VE3IPC, as Assistant Section Manager (ASM) for Ontario ARES. Michael has been with ARES since the early 90’s, in 1998 was appointed EC for Prescott-Russell Counties, and in 2004 appointed as District EC for Capital-Seaway District, where he originated the ARES District Mutual Aid Program.

Michael’s focus will be to put together a steering committee and working groups to deal with pressing Field Organization issues, starting with the Incorporation of ARES in Ontario. Michael will also act as my adviser working with the ARES National level. Please join me in welcoming Michael to the Ontario Section.

— Allan Boyd, VE3AJB, Ontario Section Manager

4. ARES Videos Available

The Eastern Ontario ARES (Seaway-Capital) District is pleased to make two videos available at our website: Under the “Videos” link you will find a 7-minute ARES Promo Video, and a 3-minute ARES News Clip. Higher quality copies are available through the “Download” option.

The News Clip is intended for the general public, and the Promo Video
for municipal emergency officials. We thank TV Cogeco and TV Cogeco
News for the raw footage and the use of their production facilities.

— Michael Hickey, VE3IPC, Seaway-Capital ARES District EC


5. Niagara Hamfest

The Niagara Peninsula Amateur Radio Club will hold its “Big Event 33” Flea Market and Hamfest on Saturday, February 5, at the Merriton Community Centre, 7 Park Ave. in St. Catharines. Open to the public at 9 a.m.; talk-in on VE3NRS repeater, 147.240 (+), 107.2 Hz tone. For more information visit

— RAC Events Database

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Official Bulletin, RAC Ontario Section

January 9, 2011

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for January 8, 2011


1. Nova Scotia Special Prefixes

From February 1 through February 28, Nova Scotia amateurs are authorized to use prefix CJ1 for VA1, and CK1 for VE1. This is to commemorate the 2011 Canada Games in Nova Scotia.

— RAC Special Events Database



2. Lockport, NY Hamfest

The Lockport Amateur Radio Association will hold its 50th annual hamfest on Saturday, January 29, at the South Lockport Fire Hall, Route 78 and Ruhlman Rd. in Lockport NY, about 33 km east of Niagara Falls. For more information visit

— Ontario Swap Shop

3. 2010 Yasme Awards Announced

The Yasme Excellence Awards are given to individuals who through their own service, creativity, effort and dedication, have made a significant contribution to Amateur Radio. Among this year’s winners is Alex Shovkoplyas, VE3NEA, who developed DX Atlas, Morse Runner, Ham-CAP, CW Skimmer, Rocky and other innovative software. For more information visit

— ARRL Web

4. Sunspot Forecast Reduced

The good news is that there were more sunspots observed in 2010. The bad news is that experts continue to reduce their predictions for the next solar cycle.

The latest forecast is for a peak average of 64 sunspots, now expected in July of 2013. Three years ago those scientists predicted a peak in the range of 130-140 sunspots. This means fewer and weaker band openings on 15 and 10 metres.


5. CW Ringtones for your cell phone

Tom Hart, AD1B, has made “CQ” and “QRZ” ringtones for cell phones. Download the free MP3 files at

— ARRL Web

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Official Bulletin, RAC Ontario Section

January 2, 2011

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for January 1, 2011



1. Local Net Activity Reports Solicited

I encourage each local level net, whether conducted on VHF/UHF or HF, to report the net activities to the Section Traffic Manager at the end of each month. The report need not be long. Simply list the number of sessions, the total of checkins, any traffic handled and the total elapsed time for the month. This will enable us at Field Services to have an idea of just what net activities are occurring each month within Ontario. The report should be sent to me via the Ontario Phone Net no later than the 3rd of the month following.

In addition I encourage any amateurs who regularly participate in these nets to submit a Station Activity Report (SAR) and/or a Public Service Honour Roll (PSHR) report to me each month. Samples of these reports may be found on the RAC website. These reports give me, as Section Traffic Manager, a better idea of which amateurs would be available if needed for emergency communications.

– Glenn Killam, VE3GNA/VA3OPN, STM


2. SPAR Winter Field Day

The Society for the Preservation of Amateur Radio invites amateurs to participate in their Fifth Winter Field Day, from 1700 UTC Saturday January 29, through 1700 UTC Sunday January 30. Like the June Field Day, the object is to set up emergency-style communications and make as many contacts as possible during the 24 hour period. See the official rules at the SPAR web site,

– via RAC Blog

3. Introduction to CW NTS Operations

The web page gives an excellent indication of the inner workings of an Area CW traffic net. The story is fictional, but realistic. Those interested in traffic handling beyond the local level should find it interesting.

– Glenn Killam, VE3GNA

4. NAQCC Newsletter On-Line

The latest newsletter from the North American QRP CW Club is online at The newsletter is issued twice a month, and archived issues back to Number 42 are available on the web site.

– NAQCC News


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