Official Bulletin, RAC Ontario Section

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for November 27, 2010


1. Volunteers honoured for service to RAC

At a recent meeting in Ottawa, Radio Amateurs of Canada recognized the long term effort by the individuals who have operated the RAC QSL bureaus. Plaques were presented to Nenad Stevanovic VE3EXY, the manager of the National Outgoing Bureau for more than 10 years of service, and to Len Morgan VE9MY and the Loyalist City Amateur Radio Club, the manager of the National Incoming Bureau, for more than 15 years of service. Congratulations and big Thank You to these people for all their dedicated work from the Radio Amateurs of Canada.

— RAC Bulletin Service

2. Lanark ARES Balloon Launch, 20 November

The Lanark Amateur Space Agency, comprised of members of the Lanark North Leeds ARES Group, launched an Amateur High Altitude Balloon from Perth, Ontario on 20 November 2010. This launch was an attempt at the world height record for amateur balloons.
The flight was designated LASA 8 and transmitted as VE3REX-11 via APRS. It attained a record setting altitude of 39,899 meters, or 130,903 feet, before bursting and descending by parachute to land in Jay, Maine, where it was recovered. The balloon reached speeds of 256 kilometres per hour and travelled a distance of 598 kilometres.

— RAC Bulletin Service

3. CARAB News on Electrical Interference

On November 2, the annual Transmission Telecommunications Task Group meeting between Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) and Industry Canada was held. Industry Canada relayed to the Association concerns that had been raised by RAC, at the October 28 Canadian Amateur Radio Advisory Board (CARAB) meeting, relating to electrical interference.
The CEA thanked Industry Canada for bringing CARAB’s concerns to the meeting and acknowledged that there are benefits to locating sources of electrical interference. Industry Canada indicated that the CARAB would appreciate receiving the CEA’s views and reaction to this matter and the Association agreed it would respond.

— RAC Bulletin Service


4. Bruce ARES Organizational Meeting

An organizational meeting for the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) in Bruce County will be held on Tuesday, December 21, at 7 p.m., at the community room at Legault’s Independent Grocer, 1244 Goderich St., in Port Elgin. All amateurs and interested non-amateurs are welcome to attend.
If you have been previously involved with Bruce ARES, please come to this meeting. If you are unable to attend, please contact me by email, ve3rhj (at), so that I may renew your registration.

— Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ, DEC Bruce District


5. Hams Invited to Listen for New Satellites

Five research satellites were carried to orbit November 19th, aboard a Minotaur V rocket from Kodiak Island, Alaska. All the satellites use Amateur Radio frequencies and hams have been invited to participate in their missions by monitoring and collecting data.
FASTRAC1 and FASTRAC2 are “nanosatellites” from the University of Texas. RAX is a CubeSat from the University of Michigan. O/OREOS is another nanosat, and NanoSail-D2 is a solar sail experiment. Information and web links for all these satellites can be found at (Three Five Kilo Four Zulu Yankee Golf).

— ARRL Web

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ


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