To all OPN Participants

I am opening discussion on the subject of whether or not to change the seasonally adjusted net start time this year. In recent years, due to rough winter short range communications conditions, the net start time had been changed to 1600 hrs local. Last year, this caused quite a few issues for a number of the participants.
My current thoughts on the subject are based on the following: In a real emergency scenario, we cannot pick and choose conditions. We have to deal with what the conditions are at the time. We should be using each and every regular session of the net to practise as if it could be a real emergency scenario. This means also in good conditions and in bad.
Therefore, I am suggesting that the net stay at 1900 hrs local and in tough conditions we practise making use of any and all relays available to us.
As the OPN is a group-team effort, my suggestion is open to discussion and the final decision will be based on the wishes of the majority of active participants.
In order to get a sense of your wishes I ask that you respond ‘yay or nay’ to the following poll: Should we keep the start time for the net at 1900 hrs local, year round?
You may add your suggestions or opinions following your response to the poll.
Thank you for your participation,



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