Update from the STM

Effective 2359Z September 30, 2010, Bob Sharp, VA3QV stepped down as Net Manager of the Ontario Phone Net (OPN). I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation and that of Field Services for a job well done during the past eighteen months. Band conditions were certainly not at their best, and Bob’s antenna situation often made it difficult for him to hear other stations. Despite the problems at his home QTH Bob persevered, often going out to the nearby park and operating QRP just he could hear the net. That, my friends, is dedication.

The search is on for a new net manager and the membership of the net is already being polled regarding one candidate. In addition some changes are in the offing, both to streamline the net and to also attempt to convince more amateurs that they should honour us with their presence.

These changes will not happen overnight. First we must appoint a new manager. This station will act as an interim manager only, accepting net reports and correlating statistics. The new manager, once appointed, will assume control of all facets of the net, including this blogroll. I, unfortunately do not have sufficient time or knowledge to do it justice. I have been told on more than one occasion by “She Who Must Be Obeyed” that I am spending too much time “on the radio” and “on the computer”. I once thought that retirement was for just this very thing. Evidently not, if my XYL is to be believed. I have been a ham for several years longer than I have been a husband, but apparently that does not matter. Guess I had better find her a hobby too.

73 for now.



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