VA3QV for a final…

First of all some minor housekeeping stuff….

I will make every effort to check in the Net on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday of this week  to pick up the last of the Net Reports for September.  My final report for the month of September will be sent via email to the Ontario STM as soon as its completed.

I have given the STM the keys to the office or at least the user log in and password for this blog and he will be keeping things running till my successor as Ontario Phone Net Manager has been determined.  I have asked Glenn to change the password after I make this posting…

The email account which I have been using for the last 16 months or so will be closed early in October as I will no longer be net manager.  Contact the STM with any issues you might have in the interim.


I would like to thank the Net Participants for their support during my time with the net.  Your assistance has been invaluable and without your hard work the net could not function or continue to function.

Once Liz and myself get some details ironed out I plan to resume participating in the net at some level.  This could take a bit of time but you should hear me every now and again…

It has been a pleasure to be associated with such a talented group of communicators…

It is my hope that you will support my successor and keep the net functioning in the future.


Bob Sharp VA3QV

Outgoing Net Manager Ontario Phone Net


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