2010 SET Update

To all Net Participants:

As mentioned in the previous post

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for September 25, 2010″

The Simulated Emergency Test (SET) is an annual emergency
communications exercise, administered by ARRL and RAC. Both the
Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) and the National Traffic
System (NTS) are involved.  The SET gives communicators the
opportunity to focus on the emergency-communications capability
within your community, while interacting with NTS nets.

For Canada EXCEPT Ontario, the SET will be held October 16.
Ontario will be holding its provincial SET at a later date, to be
announced after October 23.

Individual ARES units and other groups
are free to conduct their SETs anytime between September 1 and
November 30 if an alternative date is preferred. The activity period
should not exceed 48 hours.  For more information visit
tinyurl.com/3979kom (Three Nine Seven Nine Kilo Oscar Mike)


At the time of posting this entry (Saturday September 25th at 1945hrs EDST) the Ontario Phone Net has not been notified by either  EMO Ontario or the Ontario ARES group of any tasking for the Ontario SET.

As the SET exercise will occur after my resignation takes effect please look for a notice from the incoming Net Manager or the Ontario Section Traffic Manager concerning extra sessions of the net to support the SET.



Bob Sharp VA3QV

(outgoing) Net Manager Ontario Phone Net



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