From the OPN Net Manager

To all Ontario Participants:

September 15 2010

This is to advise you that on September 14th 2010 I contacted the Section Traffic Manager for Ontario VE3GNA and advised him that I would be unable to continue on in my position of Net Manager- Ontario Phone Net.  Glenn has replied and accepted my resignation.

I will be giving up my position effective at the end of the Net on September 30th but will gather Net Reports and submit the September Net Report to the STM.

If anyone needs more information please  contact the STM

I thank everyone for their support and hard work in the last 16 months and know that they will support my successor in the same fashion.


Bob Sharp VA3QV (outgoing Net Manager- Ontario Phone Net)



One Response to “From the OPN Net Manager”

  1. ve3gna Says:

    I can understand fully Bob’s frustration. His head must be bruised from the constant battering against the proverbial wall. Bob’s comments have been forwarded to the SEC and SM in the hope that they can work out some way of improving attendance on the net. I have suggested that, with ARES celebrating its 75th anniversary, the EC’s, DEC’s and the SEC should utilize the HF NTS to pass around some form of congratulatory messages. While this may only be a stopgap measure, It can certainly help rebuild some measure of confidence in OPN. Time, as “they” say, will tell.
    Glenn VE3GNA / VA3OPN STM Ontario

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