RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for July 10, 2010

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for July 10, 2010


1. VOACAP On-line

VOACAP (Voice of America Coverage Analysis Program), a well-known HF
propagation program, is now available online, at web page
online.voacap.com.  The online version uses a QTH locator based on
Google Maps, and gives its prediction as a color-coded “circuit
reliability” graph showing the probability of achieving a CW-grade
transmission quality between the transmitter and the receiver.

— ARRL Web

2. Two-way contact on 8.97 kHz

What is believed to be the first Amateur Radio two-way contact on
8.97 kHz using truly radiated fields took place on Friday, June 4,
2010 between DJ2LF and DF6NM, over a distance of 20.2 km.  This is
well outside the reactive near field zone.  For details visit

— Southgate ARC News

3. National Traffic System web page

The ARRL has a very useful web page on the National Traffic System, with introductory and training material, and links to resources.
Much of this information is applicable to Canada.  Visit

— via Glenn Killam, VE3GNA

4. Coax Cable and Stubs tutorial

Jim K9YC has published a tutorial on “Coaxial Cable and Stubs for
Your HF Station,” available as a 10-page PDF file at
tinyurl.com/coaxstubs. This tutorial is in FAQ format and would be
particularly good for contesters that are beginning to optimize or
expand their stations.

— ARRL Contest Update

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ.

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