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Ontario STM unavailable

June 18, 2010

The Ontario Section Traffic Manager (STM) has been called out of town due to  an urgent personal family matter.

Please hold any Traffic you might have for him until his return.  If you are unable to hold the traffic please email it to me and I will hold it till his return.


Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager OPN


The Net is holding Traffic for the following locations

June 17, 2010







I have just recieved an email from VE3GNA Glenn who is the Section Traffic Manager (STM) for the Ontario Section and he advises that he is holding formal traffic for the following Ontario locations.

Manitoulin Island:-          5
Atikokan:-               3
Port Hope:-              1
Windsor:-                1
Holland Landing:-          1
Kinmount:-               1
Port Sydney:-           1
Caledon East:- 1
Kingston:-               3
Port Carling:-           1
Kenilworth:-             1
Copper Cliff:-           1
Kakabeka Falls:-     1
Wahnapitae:-           1
Toronto:-                4
Allenford:-               1
Mississauga:-           4


If you are able to assist us with the above mentioned traffic please check into the Ontario Phone Net 3.742 at 1900 eastern daylight savings time and advise the NCS of your abilities to handle the traffic.


Ontario Phone Net and Field Day

June 15, 2010

As in previous years the Ontario Phone Net will be in operation for Field Day and be running our regular scheduled net activities.  The “Pre Net” or “Warm Up” will start at approximately 1830 hours as close to 3.742 as band conditions and usage will allow.

The NCS for that night will be Bob VA3QV (Ottawa- Eastern Ontario) with the actual net being called at 1900hrs

Seeing  that there are bonus points awarded for NTS Messages being sent from “your” field day site to the Ontario Section Manager and the Ontario Section Emergency Coordinator I am hoping that there will be a liason station checking in to the Net from the Windsor Ontario area and the Manitoulin Island Area.


Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager Ontario Phone Net

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for June 12, 2010

June 14, 2010

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for June 12, 2010


1. 2010 Canada Day Contest

RAC’s annual Canada Day Contest will be held from 0000 UTC to 2359
UTC on July 1.  Operations will be on 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6, and
2 metres, CW and phone.  Stations in Canada send RS(T) and province
or territory; VE0’s and stations outside Canada send RS(T) and a
serial number.  For more information and full contest rules visit

— RAC Web Page

2. Canada Day Radio-Thon for Charity

In conjunction with the Canada Day Contest, members from the Niagara
Peninsula Amateur Radio Club will hold their third annual Canada Day
Radio-thon for Charity.  The more contacts NPARC members make during
the contest, the more money they will raise from their pledges. This
year’s charities include the Canadian National Institute for the
Blind (CNIB) Amateur Radio Program and the St. Catharines General
Hospital Foundation.  For more information visit

— RAC Events Database

3. Field Day Station Locator

The ARRL’s Field Day Station Locator is an interactive map that helps those interested in Amateur Radio find a Field Day site near them. It is free to clubs or individuals who will be operating public Field Day stations. If your group would like to be a part of the Station Locator Service, just go to and follow the instructions.  Note that this is a different web address than was printed in the Field Day packets.

— ARRL Web


4. 12 Out Of 48 Hours

A review of the 2009 CQ Worldwide DX SSB logs shows that while Single
Operators can be on the air for 48 hours, the average all-band
operator spent only about 12 hours in the contest last year. Of the
over 3500 Single Operator, All Band entries, 87 percent operated less
than half the CQ WW DX SSB contest.  Only 25 operators worked more
than 44 hours.  For details visit


5. Satellite Frequency Allocations

In preparation for frequency allocation negotiations, the IARU has
published a full specification at

Proposals include: an allocation for the Amateur Satellite Service in
the 50-54 MHz band; expansion of the satellite allocation in the
420-450 MHz band; retention of the 1240-1300 MHz band; and removal of
the “Earth-to-space only” restriction on 1260-1270 MHz.

— AMSAT News Service

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ.

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for June 6, 2010

June 7, 2010

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for June 6, 2010


1. Special Event Station VE7TUB

The Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association will host a 24 hour special
events station VE7TUB beginning on July 24 to commemorate the annual
running of the World Championship Bathtub Race to be held on July 25
in Nanaimo, British Columbia. For more information on the World
Championship Bathtub Race visit For more
information on special event station VE7TUB visit

— RAC Bulletin Service

2. Rotary International Special Event

Special event station VC2R will operate from June 18-24, to
celebrate the 2010 Rotary International Convention in Montreal.
Expect activity on all HF bands/modes. QSL via VE2GTI.

— RAC Events Database and VA3RJ Web Page


3. Ontario Phone Net Needs Your Help

The Ontario Phone Net (OPN) is in need of Local Net Liaison Stations,
to represent your area by picking up message traffic coming in. All
you need to do is check into OPN, which meets at 19:00 Eastern Time
daily on or about 3.742 MHz, and identify yourself as representing
your home area.  With the poor band conditions you also might be able
to help us with relays.

OPN also needs Regional Net Liaison Stations, to carry traffic to and
from the Second Region Net, which meets daily on 3.925 MHz at 13:45,
15:30, and 18:30 Eastern Time.  You check into the Net when they call
for Net Liaison Stations and advise that you are “going to” or
“coming from” Ontario, and either you have no traffic or list the
traffic you have. Please give a listen on 3.925 and see if you have a
good enough copy on one of the sessions to assist us.

If you have any questions or would like to be scheduled into the
rotation please contact Bob Sharp VA3QV OPN Net Manager, by email at
opnreport (at) gmail (dot) com, or by checking into the Ontario Phone

— Bob Sharp, VA3QV, OPN Net Manager


4. Wireless Amber Alerts

There is now available a new service which will send Amber Alerts via
text message to your mobile phone.  The website offers selected areas
of the country, or you can opt for countrywide amber alerts. Best
of all – it’s free. Sign up at

— Paul Caccamo, VA3PC, DEC Magnetawan Sector

5. AO-51 Field Day Schedule

AMSAT has announced the AO-51 configuration for Field Day:

From June 21 10:40Z to June 24 09:35Z, FM Repeater, V/S to allow testing of V/S station equipment prior to Field Day.
Uplink: 145.880 Mhz FM, Downlink: 2401.200 Mhz FM.

From June 24 09:35Z to June 27 06:40Z, FM Repeater, V/U.
Please observe the 1 QSO per repeater Field Day rule.
Uplink: 145.920 Mhz FM, PL tone 67Hz,  Downlink: 435.300 Mhz FM.

From June 27 06:40Z to June 27 22:00Z, FM Repeater, V/S.
Please observe the 1 QSO per repeater Field Day rule
Uplink: 145.880 Mhz FM, Downlink: 2401.200 Mhz FM.

After Field Day, from June 27 22:00Z to July 5, FM Repeater, V/U.
Uplink: 145.920 Mhz FM, PL tone 67Hz, Downlink: 435.300 Mhz FM.

— AMSAT News Service

6. New URL for Contest Club Ontario

The Web site for Contest Club Ontario can now be found using the new
URL of

— ARRL Contest Update


Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ.