Net Business

Saturdays session of the OPN has me re-thinking the NCS Station for Field Day Saturday…  I am scheduled to be NCS and as I would be operating as VE3RAM (Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club Field Day Station) from the Science Museum in Ottawa which is less than a km from my place… 

Check out the Museum and my place on and you will see what I mean…

The last two Saturdays the net has been conducted but with limited results…  Last night using the VE3MAZ Echolink RCVR in the Niagara Area I was able to hear the two stations checking into the net (VA3PB and VE3TQT) but they were unable to hear my transmissions from Ottawa.  Going on the assumption that the band conditons will be just as bad as they have been at 1900 in the last few days I am asking if any of the Net Control Stations would like to step in and do an extra shift as there should be a fair amount of Field Day Generated Traffic and the NCS should (in my opinion) be centrally located so they stand a better chance of hearing and being heard…

So if any of the regulars want the overtime please contact me ASAP other than that I will do the best I can with what I have…  100w with an antenna aimed for the best signal going – west..




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