RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for June 19, 2010

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for June 19, 2010


1. Ontario Phone Net on Field Day

As in previous years the Ontario Phone Net (OPN) will be in operation
for Field Day, running our regular scheduled net activities.  The
“Pre Net” will start at approximately 18:30 hours Eastern time, and
the net at 19:00, as close to 3.742 MHz as conditions will allow.

Remember that there are bonus points awarded for NTS messages being
sent from your field day site to the Ontario Section Manager and the
Ontario Section Emergency Coordinator.

— Bob Sharp, VA3QV, OPN Net Manager


2. Quebec Amateur Radio Balloon

The next flight of the Quebec Amateur Radio Balloon is scheduled for
June 26 or 27, Field Day weekend, weather permitting.  The main
payload will be a VHF-UHF crossband repeater  available to the
amateur community while airborne. Input frequency 145.560 Mhz, with
103.5 Hz tone; output frequency 445.525 Mhz.  The balloon will also
be equipped with APRS and can be followed during the flight.

This will be a bilingual (French and English) directed net with Gerry
VE2AW as net control.  Check-ins are invited to use the phonetic
alphabet and then will be required to provide their nickname and
location.  A commemorative QSL card will be issued to all  stations
which are confirmed by the net control station.  For more information
visit www.raqi.ca/braq/live.htm

— RAC Bulletin Service

3. U.S. Licence Exams

The Lambton County Radio Club sponsors a Volunteer Examiner Team
certified to administer examinations in Canada for all three classes
of United States Amateur Radio licenses.  This service is offered to
assist those who would like to obtain a US Amateur Radio license and
call sign without traveling across the border to do so.

Test sessions are scheduled by appointment. Depending on the
availability of examiners, dates and times can be tailored to
accommodate those traveling long distances.  Pre-registration is
REQUIRED and absolutely NO “walk-ins” will be accommodated.  You must
have a mailing address in the U.S. where you can receive domestic
U.S. mail. For more information visit www.ve3sar.org and click on
“USA Licensing”.

— Keith Baker, VA3KSF

4. Radio Telegraphy Web Site

For anyone who is a CW aficionado this is the definitive webpage for
everything you would ever want to know about the mode. From links to
sample spark transmissions to those for many CW clubs it is the place
to look.  Visit www.radiotelegraphy.net

— Glenn Killam, VE3GNA, Ontario STM
Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ.



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