The Ontario Phone Net needs your help

At this time due to the poor band condition on 80m the net is in serious need of the following:

Net Liaison Stations -Local

The duties of a Net Liaison Station is to check into the net and represent your area by picking up traffic coming in to your area.  All you need to do is check into the Net (1900hrs daily on or about 3.742) and check in representing your home area.  With the poor band conditions you also might be able to help us with relays.


Net Liaison Station- Regional  Level

The Ontario Phone Net receives and sends its traffic to/from the 2nd Region Net.  This Net meets daily on 3.925 at 1345hrs, 1530hrs, 1830hrs all times in eastern (EST or EDST).  You check into the Net when they call for Net Liaison Stations and advise that you are “going to” or “coming from” Ontario and either you have no traffic or list the traffic you have.


Please give a listen on 3.925 and see if you have a good enough copy on one of the sessions to assist us.

Without your assistance the net is in danger of not being able to properly serve the Ontario Section in Traffic Handling

If you have any questions or would like to be scheduled into the rotation please contact Bob Sharp VA3QV OPN Net Manager either by the email link provided or by checking into the Ontario Phone Net and hoping there is propagation between Ottawa and where you live…


Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager Ontario Phone Net



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