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Message from the Ontario STM

March 3, 2010

The following was received via email from the Ontario Section Traffic Manager    ( STM) Glenn Killam VE3GNA/VA3OPN

2RN Adds Additional Net

In conjunction with the 36th anniversary of Bill W2MTA’s appointment as the Second Region Cycle 2 Net manager on April 1, 2010, 2RN will be instituting an additional net in Cycle 2.

The net will convene at 3:30 pm local time on 3925 khz. In most cases the net control station will be the same as on the 1:45 pm session.
This poses an additional challenge for OPN however, as there needs to be a liaison station present at 3:30 pm to act as RX function for incoming traffic for Ontario.

The Cycle 3 session at 6:30 pm will act as the incoming net for later arriving traffic and the 7:45 pm session in Cycle 4 continues to be the outgoing net on CW.

If anyone has questions please contact the undersigned.
Glenn Killam, VE3GNA Section Traffic Manager


NCS Schedule for March

March 2, 2010

To all Net Participants and interested Amateur Radio Operators

Follows is the Schedule for the OPN for the Month of March 2010

From March 1st to March 13 the net will be called at 1600 EST and the Schedule will be as follows:

Sunday____ VE3PSV____ Shawn

Monday ____VE3RHJ ____Brad

Tuesday ____VE3PSV ____Shawn (open shift)

Wednedsay ____VE3TPZ ____James (covering for Ian while Ian is away)

Thurdsay ____VE3PSV____ Shawn (covering while George is on holidays)

Friday ____VA3QV ____Bob (open shift)

Saturday____ VA3PB____ Paul

Starting with the Net being called on Sunday March 14th at 1900 hours the schedule for the rest of the month will be as follows:

Sunday ____VE3PSV____ Shawn

Monday ____VE3RHJ____ Brad

Tuesday VE3PSV Shawn (open shift and Shawn is Covering on a temp basis)

Wednedsay____ VE3HMS Ian ____(Welcome back Ian…)

Thurdsay ____VE3PSV____ Shawn (covering while George is on holidays)

Friday ____VA3PB____ Paul

Saturday ____VA3QV____ Bob (open shift )

As you can see from the schedule we still have openings for a full time (one shift a week) on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  If anyone is interested in helping with one shift a week please let me know


Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager Ontario Phone Net

REPOST OPN Starting time change

March 1, 2010

As most Net Participants are aware, the Ontario Phone Net will be reverting back to its Spring/Summer start time of 1900 EASTERN to compensate for the changing 80m band conditions.

At this time it is planned that the change in the start time will coincide with the change from Eastern Standard to Eastern Daylight Savings time with the Sunday March 14th NET starting at 1900 EASTERN.

However if the Daytime band conditions continue to weaken to the point that communications are not dependable then this could change earlier than planned.  I would ask all net participants to check this blog on a regular basis to get up to date information.

The change in start times will also affect our Liason times with the 2nd region net and there will be more information on this in the near future.

Bob Sharp VA3QV OPN Net Manager