RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for March 20, 2010

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for March 20, 2010


1. Section Manager Elections

Charlie Marsh VO1VZ has been re-elected Section Manager for Newfoundland and Labrador for a two year term starting July 1, 2010.
Jan Schippers VE4JS has been returned as Section Manager for Manitoba for a two year term of office that will begin on July 1, 2010.

Mr. Chris Pitre VE3CTP/VE3ZO has been elected as the RAC Director for Ontario South for the remainder of a two year term which started January 1, 2010 ending December 31, 2011.

All three candidates ran unopposed, eliminating the need for
balloted elections.

Congratulations are extended to them all.

— RAC Bulletin Service

2. IARU Report on Chilean Earthquake

For a copy of the final report from the IARU on the earthquake in
Chile, please go to tinyurl.com/yj7dl68 (Yankee Juliet Seven Delta
Lima Six Eight — NOTE that’s Delta Lima, not Delta One).

— Doug Mercer, VO1DTM, RAC Vice President Field Services



3. Iroquois Hamfest

The Iroquois Amateur Radio Club will hold its IRAC Fourteenth Annual
Flea Market on Saturday, April 3, at the Iroquois Civic Center, on
the southwest corner of Elizabeth Dr South and Dundas St. Open to the
public at 9 am; talk-in on 145.29 (-) repeater. For more information
visit www.iroquoisarc.ca.

— RAC Events Database

4. Homebrew Challenge winners

The ARRL has announced the winners of its Second Homebrew Challenge.
This challenge was to build a 40 metre linear amplifier to boost 5
watts to 50 watts, for a cost of under $125 using readily available
parts.  Two winners achieved a cost of about $30: Donald W. Huff,
W6JL and David W Cripe, NM0S.  Three other entries cost less than
$110.  For details visit tinyurl.com/yfttfsm (Yankee Foxtrot Tango
Tango Foxtrot Sierra Mike)

— ARRL Web

5. Don’t press F1 on that web page

Microsoft has warned users of Internet Explorer to NOT press the F1 key for help, if a web site prompts you to.  Pressing F1 can allow a
hostile web site to infect your computer.  Windows 7 and Windows
Vista are not vulnerable to this problem.  For more information see tinyurl.com/ydgdjal
(Yankee Delta Golf Delta Juliet Alpha Lima).

— via Amateur Radio Newsline


Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ

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