NTS- an example of how things work

During a “Google” search on various topics I found the following link.  It will take you to a site that has a simulated (fictional) description of how a CW session of the Eastern Area Net is conducted.

As you may or may not know the Ontario Phone Nets joins the 2nd Region Net 4 times a day to pass traffic in and out of Ontario.

Well at predetermined times the 2nd region net meets with the Eastern Area Net to pass traffic in and out of the 2nd region to the Eastern Area of North America.

These nets meet every day (they never close) to keep the traffic flowing in an orderly manner.  In addition the Eastern Area Net meets with the Pacific Area and the Central Area numerous times a day to keep things moving as well so as you can see its a never ending story so to speak…

But getting back to the topic of Todays post the following is a link to an excellent description of how a CW Traffic Net is conducted…

>>>>>THE LINK IS HERE<<<<<

I hope you find it as informative and interesting as I did.

If you have any questions please leave them as a comment and either the Ontario Section Traffic Manager (STM) or myself will do our best to answer them as a comment to your comment.


Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager Ontario Phone Net


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