Chronology of an NTS message:

Todays posting come to us from Glenn VE3GNA who is the Section Traffic Manager for Ontario Section as well as a seasoned NTS Operator.

Chronology of an NTS message:

On February 16, 2010, a message was generated by Gus Mark, WA2GRS, in Sidney NY addressed to Richard Henderson in Punta Gorda FL. Normally this would not be an unusual occurrence, as message traffic is passed daily on many different traffic nets in the US and Canada. What makes this one different is the content and the way it was handled.

The message stated that the addressee’s brother was undergoing cancer surgery and the addressee was to contact his mother immediately. Adding to the mix was the fact that the addressee did not have a working telephone, which necessitated hand delivery of the message.

The message was brought to the Second Region Net (2RN) during its regular session at 1855Z by Jim LeBaron WA2IAX destined for the Eastern Area Net (EAN) and onwards to Fourth Region (4RN).

Glenn Killam, VE3GNA, agreed to handle the next leg of the trip for the message. Because of the precedence of the message (Priority) and the content, it was decided to forgo the normal routing, via EAN to 4RN at 2030Z. The message was passed on the Fourth Region Net early at 1917Z from VE3GNA to KJ2V, George in Tennessee, who relayed it to Barry Phelps WD4DNC, in North Port FL.

As Punta Gorda is only about a 15 or 20 minute drive from North Port, Barry decided to deliver the message himself. Consequently the message was delivered to Mr Henderson at 2020Z, for a total elapsed time of one hour twenty-five minutes.

This is an example of just what a handful of dedicated amateur radio operators can do when the need arises. This is why we practice message handling each day on several different nets, both on voice and CW, as NTS stations.

Glenn Killam, VE3GNA Section Traffic Manager Ontario Section

Thanks go out to Glenn and the Excellent Operators who assisted in the passing of this very important message.


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