With help from my friends

Some days its difficult to hear the net just due to the poor band conditions.  Now fortunately I have had some help courtesy of the VE3MAZ Echolink Remote Rcvr in Niagara Falls


In the past I was forced to use Ken’s system due to the high noise level I had here in Ottawa.  Now due to the poor band condtions I am stealing his system again…

The way I have it set up is as follows….  I have a audio line coming from my FT 847 and my laptop to a switch box.  My head phones plug into the switch box and then I just switch from one input to the other depending on where in the province you are and what receiver gives me the best signal.  My own rcvr in Ottawa or Ken’s rcvr in Niagara Falls.


Without the support of Ken in Niagara Falls and Len N8AD in Erie PA who also runs an ECHOLINK HF Remote Rcvr I would not be able to fully manage the Net and so we all owe them a vote of thanks…

There are others who run these ECHOLINK nodes and I don’t mean to slight them by not mentioning them.  First of all there are too many to mention and secondly I only use these two for my OPN duties.

The services the others provide are just as important as proven by the recent Haiti Earthquake relief work where  a couple of amateurs in Haiti were able to find a WIFI hotspot and echolink their message out from a location that their radios were able to function.

A lot of hams don’t like VOIP and are dyed in the wool HFers but if they were to see how the new technology can help them…  And with the expected influx of traffic coming soon from Haiti I will gladly take all the help I can get to keep the Ontario Phone Net running smoothly.

Thanks again guys…

Best 73

Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager Ontario Phone Net


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