RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for January 23, 2010

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for January 23, 2010


1. Haiti Updates

Note that the frequencies 14265, 14300, 7045, 7065, 7265, 3720, and
3977 kHz are still being used for disaster response. Please keep them

Radio Club Dominicano (RCD) and Union Dominicana de Radio Aficionados
(UDRA) were turned back from Port-au-Prince when their convoy came
under fire.  RCD has established a 2m repeater at the Dominican
Republic border covering some of Haiti (including Port-au-Prince).

RAC VP of Field Services Doug Mercer, VO1DTM, reports that French-
speaking Canadian hams are monitoring the emergency frequencies, and
a group is ready for deployment to Haiti when required.

CNN has reported on amateur radio activity from Haiti; visit
tinyurl.com/ydw79ze (Yankee Delta Whiskey Seven Nine Zulu Echo).

— various sources



2. Niagara Hamfest

The Niagara Peninsula Amateur Radio Club will hold its “Big Event 32”
Flea Market and Hamfest on Saturday, February 6, at the Merriton
Community Centre, 7 Park Ave., St. Catharines.  Open to the public at
9 a.m.; talk-in on VE3NRS repeater 147.240 (+) tone 107.2 Hz.  For
more information visit www.nparc.on.ca/bigevent

— RAC Events Database

3. AM Transmitter Rally

The Amplitude Modulation Transmitter Rally will be held on Saturday,
February 6, from 6 AM Eastern Time 2 AM the following day.  The event
will be on will be on 160 through 10 meters on the usual AM
frequencies,  and is open to any radio amateurs running standard
(full carrier) AM with any type of equipment.  For more information
visit www.classeradio.com/amtr.htm (that’s “Class E Radio dot com”)

— Amateur Radio Newsline

4. The Art of Radio-Telegraphy

William Pierpont N0HFF has written a book, “The Art and Skill of
Radio-Telegraphy,” for those who are interested in telegraphy, those
who would like to learn it, those who love it, and those who want to
improve their skills.  It’s a free PDF download, about 1 megabyte, at
tinyurl.com/n7g8d2 (November Seven Golf Eight Delta Two).

— Glenn Killam, VE3GNA

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ.


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