Its easier with a good crew…

On Monday evening my only HF antenna had a failure.  Looking outside and seeing wire hanging loosely in the wind is never a good thing…  I re-attached the wire to the balun and found out that things were still not working right…

On Tuesday I took the balun down and let it thaw out.  After it had thawed out and lost the coating of ICE that was on it I noticed a crack in the balun which I guess let moisture get into it and with the Flash Freeze we had on Monday evening I guess that did it in…

On Wednesday I tried a repair job with no luck and I tried installing a 1:1 balun in its place with no luck.  Well the instructions for the W3EDP antenna say that it does need a 4:1 balun to work best on the lower bands…

Today I went with a different antenna, one from my portable ops collection but with it came the a much higher noise level as the antenna was designed to operate with my FT 897 with a FC40 auto tuner and unfortunately the FC 40 will not work properly with the FT 847 and of course all my noise filters are set up with the 847…

So today is another day that I won’t be participating in Net operations but I am very glad to say that things seem to be functioning fine in my absence.  The traffic is getting though and the crew is stepping up to make sure things are running fine.

By the time the new balun arrives and get installed we will be looking Wednesday or Thursday but its good to know that things are fully functioning in my forced absence.

Thanks guys for keeping things running



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