Ontario Phone Net Holiday Schedule

Updated OPN Holiday Schedule as of Dec 20 2009- 1530hrs

Sunday Dec 20-VE3PSV

Monday Dec 21- VE3RHJ

Tuesday Dec 22- VA3QV

Wednesday Dec 23- VE3HMS

Thursday Dec 24- VE3WKJ

*****Friday Dec 25- NO NET*****

Saturday Dec 26- VA3PB

Sunday Dec 27- VE3PSV

Monday Dec 28- VA3QV

Tuesday Dec 29- VE3PSV

Wednesday Dec 30- VE3HMS

Thursday Dec 31 VE3WKJ

Friday Jan 1 2010- VA3QV

On Saturday Jan 2 2010 we return to regular operations

( As always schedule subject to change with NO Notice )

A Message from the Net Manager OPN

On a personal note on behalf of my Wife Liz ( who tolerates me spending all the time in the shack) my two daughters still at home who have learned not to plan family events at “Net Time” and my self who is still trying to balance “Net Time and Family Time” all the best for the Christmas Season and our hopes for a very prosperous New Year.


Bob Sharp VA3QV- Net Manager Ontario Phone Net


2 Responses to “Ontario Phone Net Holiday Schedule”

  1. Pat Dopson VE3HZQ Says:

    Hi Bob:

    the OPN net on 3742 khz is listed on the web page at the top but there is no time associated with it..i believe it is 4 pm but maybe the time of the net could be incorporated in the box also to help new amateurs and to remind old amateurs like myself…

    Pat VE3HZQ

  2. ontariophonenet Says:

    Pat… you are right…. Yes the net starts at 1600 Eastern and you know when I set up the banner and all the times I looked at it and all the times everyone else has looked at it you are the FIRST person to notice that there is no time listed for the net…

    I will make the correction shortly…


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