Christmas Net Schedule-Updated DEC 17

The following schedule is a “Work in Progress” and subject to change as we get closer to the dates involved:

Sunday Dec 20-VE3PSV

Monday Dec 21- VE3RHJ

Tuesday Dec 22- VA3QV

Wednesday Dec 23- VE3HMS

Thursday Dec 24- VE3WKJ

*****Friday Dec 25- NO NET*****

Saturday Dec 26- VA3PB

Sunday Dec 27- VE3PSV

Monday Dec 28- VA3QV

Tuesday Dec 29- VA3QV

Wednesday Dec 30- VE3HMS

Thursday Dec 31 VE3WKJ

Friday Jan 1 2010- VA3QV

On Saturday Jan 2 2010 we return to regular operations

But Please remember this is subject to change.

At this time I would like to welcome Paul VA3PB back as a NCS.  Recently he had to give up his Friday Slot due to other commitments.  He has agreed to step in to the Saturday time slot to give our STM VE3GNA a little more free time.

As usual you can contact the Net Manager if you have any questions and concerns.


Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager Ontario Phone Net



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