SET 2009 NCS Schedule

The NCS Schedule has been confirmed.  The Operations Plan will be following in the next day or so…

Saturday October 3 2009 on frequency  3.742

0830-0900      VE3PSV      Shawn      Cambridge ON    Net Warm Up

0900-1000      VE3PSV      Shawn      Cambridge ON

1000-1100       VE3RHJ      Brad         Markdale ON

1100-1200        VE3HMS    Ian            South River ON

1200-1300        VE3WKJ   George      Brampton ON

1300-1400         VA3PB      Paul           Brampton ON

1400-1500         VE3NCQ   Austin      Chatam-Kent ON

1500-1830  Net Stands down for Break

1830-1900         VE3PSV    Shawn       Cambridge ON   Net Warm Up

1900-1930         VE3GNA   Glenn       West Plain ON

1930-2100         VE3HMS   Ian            South River ON

2100  Net Stands down at end of session

Complete NCS instructions will be sent out via email/snailmail and also will be posted here in the near future.


Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager Ontario Phone Net



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