The Ontario Phone Net

Welcome to the Ontario Phone Net Blog


This Blog is designed to update the Radio Amateurs of Canada- Ontario Section- Traffic Handlers on events that have impact on the services we provide to the Ontario Section, the Amateur Community and the citizens of the Province of Ontario.


The Ontario Phone Net meets nightly at 1900 hrs EASTERN (standard or DLST) on or about a Frequency of 3.742 to pass formal NTS Traffic in and out of the Ontario Section as part of the National Traffic System.

The Ontario Section Traffic Manager (STM) is Glenn VE3GNA and the Ontario Phone Net Manager (NM) is Bob VA3QV.

The Net starts at 1900 EASTERN (EDST or EST) and a warm up to hold the frequency normally starts  to 1845 as close to our operating frequency that we can.

Our Net Control Stations are as follows:

Updated as of September 7 2009

Monday – Brad VE3RHJ- Markdale Ontario

Tuesday – Glenn VE3GNA – Roblin  Ontario

Wednesday – Ian VE3HMS -South River Ontario

Thursday – George VE3WKJ  -Brampton Ontario

Friday – Paul VA3PB  -Brampton Ontario

Saturday – Glenn VE3GNA -Roblin Ontario

Sunday – Shawn VE3PSV- Cambridge Ontario

Hope to hear you check in to the OPN




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