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From the Ontario Section Traffic Manager (STM)

September 29, 2009

I got the following in an email from Glenn VE3GNA who is the STM for Ontario.

I found it very interesting and asked for his permission to share it here.  Glenn agreed so todays posting is courtesy of our Section Traffic Manager for the Ontario Section.



Words of wisdom on traffic handling from Ben White W4PL (SK), for whom the Ben White Memorial Nets – HBN and HBSN are named.

On traffic handling (1960): (Responding to “Why do you handle traffic?”)

“An off hand answer would be, because I like it. But in more detail it would break down about as follows:

(A) You are doing someone a service. Especially is that so where armed forces overseas personnel is concerned.

(B) You meet the best operators on the traffic nets; and they are hams with ideas and ideals like your own.

(C)There is an additional reason for me. When you get to be 75 years old there is not much left that you can do as well as a much younger man. I like to think that handling traffic is one of them”`

Advice for new traffickers (1960):

“Dont send faster that you can receive. Your opposite number assumes that you can copy at the speed you are sending. Dont forget that your spacing has more to do with making your code intelligible than the dots and dashes put together. Dont be afraid to ask for a fill or a QRS… any traffic man worth the name is glad to do either.”

And finally, these two philosophical statements (1958 & 1959):

“Although amateur radio is usually referred to as a hobby, as a matter of pure law, no license is ever issued to any radio station except in the public interest, convenience, or necessity. Of all those who avail themselves of the privilege, the traffic man comes nearest to living up to his share of the bargain.. Disaster work is spectacular, and gets headlines; but amateur radios happiest contact with John Q Public is the steady day in and day out handling of messages —– free gratis, for nothing, on the house and with the compliments of amateur radio.” “We are building up for amateur radio an immense backlog of good will; and for those who take their obligations seriously, we are operating our stations in the public interest, convenience and necessity.”

And this from the EMCOMM Quarterly – The Traffic Handlers’ Mantra:

For want of a letter, a word was lost…
For want of a word, a message was lost…
For want of a message, a life was lost…

And now something I would like to share with all of you.

I recently received an e-mail from a couple in South Carolina, who were curious as to how, where and why I had sent a birthday greeting to the wife’s mother. You see, she had recently passed away. In addition, she had been incapacitated for several years prior. I replied with the background that I had taken over the sending of the greetings that Joe, VE3SCY, had done for so many years. I went on to apologize for any hardship that my greeting has created. Their reply follows, <Quote>

Thank you for your reply, Glenn.  On the contrary, you didn’t cause any untoward effects at all.  In fact, we took it as a sign from her that everything was alright.  We just wanted to confirm that it was real, and nobody was attempting to get information or anything else.  It seemed so strange, because it occurred shortly after her passing, it involved HAM (which she loved, but hadn’t been active in since her stroke),  the great distance your message came from, and last of all, your last name is so similar to our pet cat Killian.  All those things were such an overwhelming coincidence, that we figured it had to be a message from her.  Your confirming what happened makes us believe that even more.
Thank you again for your reply.  I know you wrote my father-in-law also.  Now that you know the rest of the story, you can see that you have been a messenger for an angel.  If you ever get to the Myrtle Beach, SC area, look us up.

73 and God Bless,
Duane and Sherry

I am sometimes asked why I do this. I reply that it only takes an occasional “Thank You” to make it all worthwhile. The hours of research and creation are worth it all for a reply such as the one above.

Amateurs are part of a fraternity known as the Amateur Radio Service. I emphasize the “Service” aspect.

73 to one and all.



Thank you again for sharing this with us



RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for September 26, 2009

September 26, 2009

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for September 26, 2009

This is The Ontario Phone Net Blog, Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of Canada, with this week’s bulletin


1. Derek Hay, VE4HAY, elected Midwest Region Director

Following the September 16th close of nominations for the  vacant
Midwest Region Director position, an Election Committee was
convened, chaired by RAC Corporate Secretary Linda Friars, VE9GLF.
The committee met to open and review the sole nomination received for
the position, as required by the By-laws. There being no other
nominees, and the nomination documents found to be in order, the
committee declared Mr. Derek Hay, VE4HAY, elected to complete the
two-year term which ends December 31, 2010.

The RAC President, Board and Executive congratulate Director Hay
and thank him for volunteering his services.

— RAC Bulletin Service



2. South African Ham Satellite Orbited

On September 16th, South Africa’s SumbandilaSat satellite was orbited
by a Soyuz rocket.  Among other equipment, the satellite carries an
Amateur Radio repeater. After SumbandilaSat is fully commissioned,
the repeater will be activated with an uplink at 145.880 MHz and a
downlink at 435.350 MHz; there will also be a voice beacon at 435.300
MHz. The transponder mode will be controlled by a CTCSS tones yet to
be announced.

— ARRL Bulletin Service

3. More CubeSats Orbited

On September 23rd, an Indian PSLV-C14 rocket carried the Oceansat-2
satellite to orbit, along with four CubeSats. CubeSats are very small
and inexpensive research satellites, and all four of these use
amateur radio to downlink telemetry.  Early reports indicate that all
of the CubeSats are active. Here are their frequencies and modes:

BEESAT, from Germany, CW beacon 436.000 MHz, data downlink 436.000,
4800/9600 bps GMSK

UWE-2, from Germany, no beacon, data downlink 437.385, 1200/9600 bps

ITUpSAT1, from Turkey, CW beacon 437.385, data downlink 437.325,
19200 bps GFSK

SwissCube, from Switzerland, CW beacon 437.505, data downlink
437.505, 1200 bps FSK

— ARRL Web

4. 75th Anniversary Worked All Zones Award

CQ Magazine’s Worked All Zones award was introduced in 1934. In
celebration of its 75th anniversary, a special “Diamond Jubilee”
certificate will be issued to amateurs who make contacts in all 40
CQ Zones of the World between November 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010.
Certificates will be numbered but there will be no endorsements.
Confirmations will not be required.  For details see the October 2009
issue of CQ, or click on the October issue on the website

— CQ News Service

5. No Evidence of Risk from Mobile Radios

Responding to a query from the ARRL, the President of the U.S.
National Safety Council (NSC) has replied that they “have no evidence
that using two-way radios while driving poses significant crash
risks. Until such time as compelling, peer-reviewed scientific
research is presented that denotes significant risks associated with
the use of Amateur Radios, two-way radios or other communication
devices, the NSC does not support legislative bans or prohibition on
their use.”  This is in contrast to cell phones, for which there is
evidence of increased crash risk.  For the full story, see (Quebec Oscar Kilo Alpha Juliet Charlie)

— ARRL Web

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ.

SET 2009 NCS Schedule

September 24, 2009

The NCS Schedule has been confirmed.  The Operations Plan will be following in the next day or so…

Saturday October 3 2009 on frequency  3.742

0830-0900      VE3PSV      Shawn      Cambridge ON    Net Warm Up

0900-1000      VE3PSV      Shawn      Cambridge ON

1000-1100       VE3RHJ      Brad         Markdale ON

1100-1200        VE3HMS    Ian            South River ON

1200-1300        VE3WKJ   George      Brampton ON

1300-1400         VA3PB      Paul           Brampton ON

1400-1500         VE3NCQ   Austin      Chatam-Kent ON

1500-1830  Net Stands down for Break

1830-1900         VE3PSV    Shawn       Cambridge ON   Net Warm Up

1900-1930         VE3GNA   Glenn       West Plain ON

1930-2100         VE3HMS   Ian            South River ON

2100  Net Stands down at end of session

Complete NCS instructions will be sent out via email/snailmail and also will be posted here in the near future.


Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager Ontario Phone Net

SET 2009 Update

September 24, 2009

The planning for the OPN Participation in SET 2009 is amost complete.  I have sent EMAILS out to all scheduled NCS staff.  If you are a regular OPN NCS please check your email and if nothing is in your inbox please contact me or check your spam filter then contact me.

At this time I am waiting for two replies before I can finalize the OPS PLAN for this event.


Bob Sharp VA3QV

Net Manager Ontario Phone Net

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for September 19, 2009

September 20, 2009

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for September 19, 2009

This is the Ontario Phone Net Blog Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of  Canada, with this week’s bulletin


1. Geoff Smith, VA3GS, re-elected Ontario South Region Director.

Following the September 1st, 2009, close of nominations for the
Ontario South Region Director position, an Election Committee was
convened, chaired by RAC Corporate Secretary Linda Friars, VE9GLF.
The committee met to open and review the sole nomination received for
the position, as required by the By-laws. There being no other
nominees, and the nomination documents found to be in order, the
committee declared the incumbent, Mr. Geoff Smith, VA3GS, elected for
another two-year term which beings January 1, 2010.

The RAC President, Board and Executive congratulate Director Smith
and thank him for continuing to volunteer his services.

— G. Linda Friars, VE9GLF, RAC Corporate Secretary

2. RAC LF, MF, and HF Band Planning Committee

It is now official, a while ago, the RAC Board of Directors has
approved a motion to change the HF Band Planning Committee name to
LF/MF/HFBPC. This new name better reflects the range of frequencies
that the committee is responsible for.

Jim Fisher, VE1JF, the Committee Chair indicates that the work the
committee members are doing will not change much as they were already
including those bands in their ongoing reviews.

— Daniel A. Lamoureux, VE2KA, RAC VP International Affairs


3. Ontario Simulated Emergency Test

The annual SET (Simulated Emergency Test) for 2009 will be conducted Saturday Oct. 3rd and also on Wednesday Oct. 7th to allow for Provincial EOC locations to take part in this important event.

Confirmation has been received from EMO Emergency Management Ontario that the Provincial Emergency Operations Center station VE3EMO will be activated and operational for this Province Wide exercise.

Additional details and schedule of this year’s SET activity has been
made available by EMO ARES at Toronto for inclusion in future
bulletins and online sites. See

— Jim Taylor, VA3KU, EMO EC, via Bob Gammon, VA3RX

4. VC3COPP Commemorates 100th Anniversary of OPP

From October 2 to October 31, 2009, Special Event Station VC3COPP
will be on the air at various times, on various bands and from
several locations around Ontario.  Many OPP members are Radio
Amateurs and VC3COPP will be operated by current and retired members
to mark a century of policing by the third largest deployed police
service in North America.

A collector’s QSL card has been designed and will be made available
to anyone, including Short Wave Listeners, who sends a QSL or
reception report.  A stamped, self-addressed envelope is required in
every case.

QSLing and other information may be found online at .

— via Bob Cooke, VE3BDB

5. New Bulletin Stations for Lanark and Grey/Bruce

I am pleased to announce the appointment of John Boyle, VE3PMA, as
Official Bulletin Station for Lanark County.  John replaces Tony
Wilson VE3XNT who is moving to a new home. I also welcome Fred Lorch,
VA3STG, as Official Bulletin Station for Grey and Bruce Counties.
Fred replaces Bob Zapf VE3RWZ who is stepping down for personal

On behalf of RAC Ontario Section, I thank Bob and Tony for their
years of service disseminating bulletins to the amateurs of Ontario,
and I thank John and Fred for volunteering for this important job.

— Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ, Ontario Official Bulletin Manager


6. MULTIPSK 4.15 released

A new version of the popular data modes software MULTIPSK has been
released which features MIL-STD-188-110A also known as STANAG 4539 or
FED-STD-1052.  Download the program from web site

— Southgate ARC News


Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ.

2009 SET Info

September 14, 2009

Here it is folks…  AS MUCH INFO that I have available at this time:

At this time the OPN plans are to use 3.742 for the daytime and nightime frequency for the SET with 7.153 being run as an alternative frequency for the daytime session. I have asked the COMMSONT Net to assist us on 40m.

I am still awaiting more info from EMO ARES and ARES Ontario (RAC Ontario Section) before our COMMS Plan is fully developed.

At this time the generic plan is to run the net for the duration of the time as required by EMO ARES and swap out controllers every hour or so…

More information will be coming soon please check back here often…

Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager Ontario Phone Net

Follows is info from the EMO ARES Website:



Ontario Province-wide Simulated Emergency Test 2009
Saturday October 3 2009
09:00 to 15:00 and 19:00 to 21:00 ET

Ontario Province-wide EOC Test
Wednesday October 7 2009
09:00 to 13:00 ET

The 2009 Province-wide Simulated Emergency Test (SET) will be conducted on Saturday October 3 2009 from 09:00 to 15:00 and 19:00 to 21:00 hours. This exercise is sanctioned by Emergency Management Ontario, any repeater owners with installations on CBC owned tower sites can apply for SET participation confirmation by passing a formal message to EMO (VE3EMO) during the exercise, be sure to use the repeater callsign in the message and follow-up with a request for documentation to: When requesting documentation please include repeater callsign, club name and complete mailing address.

All ARES Groups are requested to participate in the Province-wide SET; if your ARES Group is unable to participate please have a group representative check into the network so your group can be registered as active during the Province-wide SET. When reporting into the networks please supply your callsign, location and ARES Group membership to NCS.

All ARES members are welcome and encouraged to participate, stations with traffic will be given priority.

Operational Frequencies

HF National Traffic System
Ontario Phone Net:
3.742 MHz. or 7.153 MHz. depending on band conditions (Operating under the direction of the Ontario Phone Net (NTS)

The NTS (Ontario Phone Net) will oversee all HF operations and provide Net Control operators for the exercise.

IRLP Linking
Vancouver Reflector Channel 9005 with a backup channel of 9206 (Operating under the direction of VA3EOT, Toronto Emergency Operations Centre)

The Toronto EOC will oversee all IRLP operations and provide Net Control operators for this exercise.

Packet messages may be sent to EMO via email:

Province-wide EOC Test
The Province-wide EOC test has been incorporated into our yearly SET for the past four years, this addition to the regular SET provides an opportunity for ARES groups that support communications for their local Municipal Emergency Operations Centre an opportunity to participate during regular operational hours and demonstrate to officials the ability to connect with the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre VE3EMO.

The EMO station will be activated on Wednesday October 7th from 09:00 to 13:00 ET to test communications with municipal level EOC’s.

HF National Traffic System
Ontario Phone Net:
3.742 MHz. or 7.153 MHz. depending on band conditions (Operating under the direction of the Ontario Phone Net (NTS)

IRLP Linking
Vancouver Reflector Channel 9005 with a backup channel of 9206 (Operating under the direction of VE3EMO, Provincial Emergency Operations Centre)

Packet messages may be sent to EMO via email:

Formal Messages may be sent to VE3EMO (Provincial Emergency Operations Centre), VA3RX (Section Emergency Coordinator), VE3AJB (Section Manager), VA3QV (OPN Manager) and any DEC, EC or EOC throughout the Province.

To move the messages, NTS (Ontario Phone Net) will be deployed and ARES representatives will take messages to and from the various sectors and pass them to EMO through the Toronto EOC (VA3EOT). The Toronto EOC will forward messages to the PEOC via dedicated fax lines. The Toronto EOC will handle all messages to and from the PEOC via the NTS.

Sample Message


Number Precedence HX Station of Origin Check Place of Origin Time Filed Date
01 Routine HCX VA3EOT 40 Toronto 09:30 Sept 27 2008

Provincial Emergency Operations Centre


This is a test X The City of Toronto has a reported 35 cases of avian flu currently being treated X Toronto Public Health currently has the situation under control and has a good stock of anti-viral medication in stock

Signed: John Smith
City of Toronto Health Department

Rec’d From                  Date                  Time Sent To                  Date                          Time

Note: Be sure to include the words “This is a Test” in your message.

An Easy Guide to Radiograms can be found online by visiting: Radiograms are also available for download at:

Hope to hear you during SET
Jim Taylor, VA3KU
Amateur Radio Program Coordinator
Emergency Management Ontario
Provincial Emergency Operations Centre


Thats all I have for now…More later


EMO Notification for the SET

September 13, 2009

Today I recieved an Email from Jim Taylor VA3KU who looks after the Amateur Radio Program (EMO ARES) for Emergency Managaement Ontario.

EMO ARES/Emergency Management Ontario is requesting our assistance and support in the upcoming SET (Simulated Emergency Test) which will be held on Saturday October 3rd and on Wednesday October 7th

On Saturday October 3rd we will be providing  Net Control Stations for a Province Wide HF Net from 0900 HRS to 1500 HRS Eastern and then from 1900 to 2100 hrs Eastern

On Wednesday October 7th we will be providing Net Control Stations for a Province Wide HF Net from 0900 HRS to 1300 HRS Eastern.

Primary Frequency will be 3.742 and the Secondary Frequency to be announced in the near future.

Please advise the Net Manager of your availability ASAP


Bob Sharp VA3QV- Net Manager- Ontario Phone Net

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for September 12, 2009

September 13, 2009

This is The Ontario Phone Net Blog, Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of Canada, with this week’s bulletin


1. Help Requested – ACORN Net

The Army Cadet League of Ontario is investigating the establishment of a Royal Canadian Army Cadet radio network based on Amateur Radio technology. Dubbed ‘ACORN’, for ‘Army Cadet Ontario Radio Network’, the aim is to support optional training and certification of Army Cadets as licenced Amateur Radio operators throughout Ontario. Possible pilot sites for this initiative include Dryden, Thunder Bay, Timmins, North Bay, Stratford or London, Oakville, Cobourg, 709 Communications Unit at Fort York in Toronto and 2332 Communications Unit in Ottawa. Radio Amateurs of Canada has been asked to facilitate this project by identifying Radio Amateurs who live in the pilot areas and have the interest, time and qualifications to mentor and provide instruction to young would-be hams, as well as to assist in setting up and managing Amateur Radio stations. Any interested Radio Amateur residing in a pilot area is asked to contact Rod Hardman, VE3RHF, email address rod.hardman (at) Military experience would be helpful but is not a requirement. — Bob Cooke, VE3BDB, RAC President

2. Decision Expected Soon on Bill 118

A decision by Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation in regards to exemptions to Bill 118 (the Bill to limit cell phone use by drivers in moving vehicles) is expected to be announced at any time. All Ontario Radio Amateurs who are concerned about the possibility that Bill 118 might curtail the operation of two-way radio equipment while driving a vehicle in Ontario are encouraged to contact their local MPP and Transport Minister Jim Bradley. For the latest information on Bill 118 please visit the RAC Blog site at — Peter West VE3HG, RAC VP Public Relations


3. VE3HCB Silent Key

Timothy Smith, VE3HCB, EC for Cornwall ARES group since 2004, passed away at the age of 61 at his home in Cornwall on September 3. He was a retired Electronics Communications Instructor with Nav Canada; Chairman of CRAG, and President of the Saint-Lawrence Valley Amateur Radio Club. I know that Tim Smith will be greatly missed by the ARES in Cornwall, and his presence will be missed at our future ARES District meetings. — Michael Hickey, VE3IPC, Seaway/Capital ARES District EC


4. Win A Free DXpedition For A Young Ham

The 6Y1V contest team is sponsoring one young ham operator (age 21 or under) to join our team and receive an all expense paid trip to operate in the 2009 CQWW SSB or CW contest. To qualify, you must send an email to contest (at), containing an essay of 500 words or more, in English, describing how you got started in ham radio, who guided you through the process, and tell us why you should be selected for this DX/contest opportunity at 6Y1V. Please include your full name, call sign and home address. We are looking for a young ham, with some DX/contest experience. You can reside in any country in the world provided you hold a valid amateur radio license in your country. Applications will be accepted until September 30, 2009. For more information see — Amateur Radio Newsline

5. Ontario VHF Association meeting

The Ontario VHF Association will hold its annual meeting on Saturday, September 26, in the Seventh Semester Room (downstairs KB135) at Humber College (North Campus), 250 Humber College Blvd., in Etobicoke. Talk-in on 146.52 simplex. There will be guest speakers, a “show and tell,” and a mini-flea market. For more information visit (Mike Mike Mike November Romeo Three) — RAC Events Database

6. London Flea Market

The London Amateur Radio Club will hold its 32nd annual flea market on Sunday, September 27, at the Western Fair Grounds, Special Events Building, located at 900 Kings Street, in London. Open to the public at 9 a.m.; talk-in on VA3LON repeater, 147.060 (+), 114.8 Hz tone. For more information visit — RAC Events Database ===============================================

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ.

Some thoughts on why we are here…

September 8, 2009


Many years ago when I first got my callsign (I was VE3YBC back then) I attended a presentation that was given to civic officials on Emergency Planning. One of the first things stressed is that they should make friends with the local amateur radio clubs in their areas as the “hams” could do it all!!!

Now in reality we know that Hams can’t walk on water, but we do know where the rocks are hidden just under the water, so it seems like we can.

Now many callsigns have passed (VE3YBC,VE3UAX,VA3RCS and now VA3QV) since I heard those comments and technology now brings new toys. And most of these new toys mean that don’t need us as much as they used to. In most of the urban centers we have been delegated to passing routine traffic between shelters if needed.

Cell Phones, Blackberrys, Text Messaging, WI FI and the internet itself have pushed Amateur Radio back a few steps in the communications ranking.

However when it really hits the fan….They are going to want us to step in and do everything for them. Cell Phone sites batteries do fail, Internet lines can fail, most of the modern phone systems need power to operate. Even those fancy 900Mhz Digital Trucking systems have repeater sites that rely on power.

I’m not saying they will fail… Chances are they probally won’t…. But if they do…Be ready for it!!!

I’m not telling you what to do, but I am suggesting that in addition to making sure you can do the assignments that the local Emergency Plan asks for you should also plan for what they don’t ask for. That way when you do get asked the impossiable you will be ready to prove the comment that “Hams can walk on water”.

Make sure a few people in your ARES Group know how to operate portable HF and have the equipment to do so independant of commercial power. Have them check into nets like the Ontario Phone Net, the ARES Ontario Weekly HF Nets,the Comsont Net or the ONTARS or the Trans Provincal Net. Get them used to the equipment and the differences between operating from the safety of the shack to the insanity of portable operations.

The opinions stated above are mine alone…I personally hope we never get called out for real…If we ever do I hope that I am ready and I hope that you are ready.


Bob Sharp VA3QV

Net Manager, Ontario Phone Net

The Ontario Phone Net

September 8, 2009

Welcome to the Ontario Phone Net Blog


This Blog is designed to update the Radio Amateurs of Canada- Ontario Section- Traffic Handlers on events that have impact on the services we provide to the Ontario Section, the Amateur Community and the citizens of the Province of Ontario.


The Ontario Phone Net meets nightly at 1900 hrs EASTERN (standard or DLST) on or about a Frequency of 3.742 to pass formal NTS Traffic in and out of the Ontario Section as part of the National Traffic System.

The Ontario Section Traffic Manager (STM) is Glenn VE3GNA and the Ontario Phone Net Manager (NM) is Bob VA3QV.

The Net starts at 1900 EASTERN (EDST or EST) and a warm up to hold the frequency normally starts  to 1845 as close to our operating frequency that we can.

Our Net Control Stations are as follows:

Updated as of September 7 2009

Monday – Brad VE3RHJ- Markdale Ontario

Tuesday – Glenn VE3GNA – Roblin  Ontario

Wednesday – Ian VE3HMS -South River Ontario

Thursday – George VE3WKJ  -Brampton Ontario

Friday – Paul VA3PB  -Brampton Ontario

Saturday – Glenn VE3GNA -Roblin Ontario

Sunday – Shawn VE3PSV- Cambridge Ontario

Hope to hear you check in to the OPN