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RAC Official Bulletin for August 29th

August 28, 2009

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for August 29, 2009

This is The Ontario Phone Net Blog, Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of Canada, with this week’s bulletin



1. Ottawa Hamfest

The Ottawa Amateur Radio Club will hold its 13th Annual Hamfest on
Saturday, September 12, at the Carp Agricultural Fairgrounds, 3832
Carp Road, near Falldown Lane, in Carp.  Look for the W. Erskine
Johnson arena.  Tailgaters open 8 am, indoor fleamarket 10 am.
Talk-in on VE2CRA repeater, 146.94 (-), 100 Hz tone.  Immediately
after the fleamarket, at 1 pm, is the RAC Forum and Technology
Update.  For more information visit

— RAC Events Database

2. Barrie-Orillia Hamfest

The Barrie Amateur Radio Club & Orillia Amateur Radio Club will hold
their hamfest on Saturday, September 12, at the Oro-Medonte
Fairgrounds.  Go north on Hwy 400 to Hwy 11, north on Hwy 11 to
Oro-Medonte 7th line, towards and just past the airport. Talk-in on
VE3LSR repeater, 146.850 (-), 156.7 Hz tone. For more information

— RAC Events Database

3. World High-Speed Telegraphy Championship

The 8th World High-Speed Telegraphy Championship will be held from
September 11th to 15th in Obzor, Bulgaria.  To celebrate this,
special callsign LZ8WHST will be activated by various operators
from the Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs, until the end of
September.  For QSL information, search for LZ8WHST on
Information about the telegraphy championship can be found at

— Amateur Radio Newsline

4. Field Day Logs Posted

All 2009 Field Day logs that have been received, via web submission,
e-mail, or postal mail, have been posted to the Claimed Scores page
on the ARRL Web site. If you find an error in your listing, or your
entry is missing, please contact ARRL Field Day Manager Dan
Henderson, N1ND, via email at dhenderson (at) If your
entry is listed as needing more information, please contact Kathy
Allison, KA1RWY, kallison (at)

— ARRL Web

5. ARISS Contact with Ottawa Sports Camp

On Tuesday, August 11, an Amateur Radio on the International Space
Station (ARISS) contact was held between Canadian Space Agency
Astronaut Robert Thirsk, VA3CSA and Ottawa South United Sports Camp
held at the Walter Baker Sports Centre in Ontario. Telebridge station
W6SRJ in California facilitated the connection.  Approximately 130
people attended the event.

— AMSAT News

This concludes this week’s bulletin.


Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ.

RAC Official Bulletin- Special Ontario Edition

August 23, 2009

1. Hurricane Bill Radio Net

The National Hurricane Center Amateur Radio Station WX4NHC will be
standing up operations Sunday at 0800 EST (1200 UTC). The
Hurricane Watch Net will be up at the same time as will the VoIP
Hurricane Net. The VoIP Hurricane Net will hold its normal 0000 run
Saturday evening with coordination beginning at that point. It will
probably be up throughout the night to take reports prior to official
start at 1200 UTC by WX4NHC, as it has an automated method to submit
data to them.

— Dennis C. Dura, K2DCD, ARRL Manager, Emergency Preparedness & Response

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for August 22

August 22, 2009

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for August 22, 2009

This is The Ontario Phone Net Blog Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of Canada, with this week’s bulletin


1. New BC/YK Section Manager Elected

Congratulations to Drew Watson, VA7DR, who was recently elected
British Columbia/Yukon Section Manager for a two-year term of office
that will begin on November 1, 2009. He ran unopposed, eliminating
the need for a balloted election. Incumbent Section Manager Mike
Hale, VE7DXD, did not stand for nomination.

Congratulations are extended to Drew on his election, as well as
thanks to him and to Mike for their volunteer service to the RAC
Field Organization and to the Section.

— Doug Mercer VO1DTM, RAC Vice President Field Services


2. Edgar D-Star Repeaters

D-Star repeaters for 2m and 70cm are now fully operational at the
VE3LSR site in Edgar.  The VHF repeater is 145.19 MHz (- offset), and
the UHF repeater is 444.350 MHz (+ offset). Both of these repeaters
are located on the 400 ft Point to Point communications tower.

This is a special project of VA3LM, VE3OXX, and VE3ODR, with
technical assistance from VE3IE.  It is not funded by the LSR
Repeater Association.  We hope to have 1.2 GHz repeaters running
sometime this fall or winter.

D-Star is a digital voice system for amateur radio.  Visit for more information.

— Robert Simpson VE3ODR


3. Send Your Name to Mars

Your name and call could be headed to the Red Planet in 2011, printed
on a microchip in the Mars Science Laboratory Rover. Just log on to
the JPL Web site for the mission at (Mike November
Victor Mike Tango Bravo), and enter your name and location.  You can
put your callsign as part of your last name.  You’ll get a
certificate that you can print out.

— ARRL Contest Update

4. New Satellite Location Maps

A map showing the current satellite location for most of the
amateur satellites are now available on the AMSAT web site.

From the AMSAT front page,, click on ‘Satellite
Information’ on the left side, then select ‘Satellite Status’.
Next click on an underlined satellite name in the left hand column.
This will display a satellite summary, scroll to the  bottom of the
page and there will be a map showing the current location of that
satellite and the illuminated and dark portions of the earth.

— AMSAT News

5. Antenna Book Free Download

“Radio Antenna Engineering,” published in 1952 by Edmund Laport has a
lot of excellent material on common antennas, materials, and
technique. Long out-of-print and now out-of-copyright as well, offers it as a free PDF download. Visit
(Lima Delta Bravo Two Whiskey Four)

— ARRL Contest Update

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ.

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for August 15, 2009

August 15, 2009

This is  The Ontario Phone Net Blog,  Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of Canada, with this week’s bulletin


1. ARES Link on Internet Radio

The Ontario Amateur Radio Emergency Service now has a new dedicated
Internet radio link available for use. IRLP link 2759 is registered
on the province-wide ARES simplex frequency 146.500 MHz in the
St.Clair District and provides direct communication with the
Provincial Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) via VE3EMO Toronto.

This new link also joins the growing network of EmCom providers in
place thanks to the objective and tireless efforts of the Escarpment
Repeater Association (ERA) the Southern Ontario Repeater Team (SORT)
as well as the Central Ontario Amateur Radio Group and others that
expand and enhance communications resources in Ontario.

— Bob Gammon, VA3RX, Ontario SEC


2. Giant Dollar Outdoor Ham Radio Sale

The Ontario Swap Shop and VE3DGX will hold the “Giant Dollar Outdoor
Ham Sale” on Saturday, August 29, at the Lions Community Centre
parking lot, 5057 Mount Albert Road, 15 km northeast of Newmarket.
This is a one-time-only, tailgate event, on the same day as the RAC
General Meeting in Aurora that afternoon.  Open at 8 a.m.; talk-in on
145.470.  For more information see

— RAC Events Database

3. MFJ Acquires Cushcraft

MFJ Enterprises has purchased the Cushcraft Amateur Radio product
line from Laird Technologies. According to MFJ, Cushcraft antennas
will continue to be manufactured in Manchester, New Hampshire.  The
2010 MFJ catalog will include the entire Cushcraft product line. MFJ
has set up a special customer support line, 662-323-5803, to handle
Cushcraft technical support, parts requests and customer services.

— ARRL Letter

4. UT Austin Requests Help to Track BEVO-1

On July 30th, “picosatellites” AggieSat2 and BEVO-1 were launched
from the Space Shuttle.  Beacon packets have been heard from
AggieSat2, but no signals have been received from BEVO-1. The current
theory is that only partial separation occurred, and the antennas did
not deploy correctly.  AggieSat2 transmits with more power, so it is
easier to hear.  BEVO-1 tranmits on 437.325 MHz, and any reception
reports would be welcome! For BEVO1 information see

— AMSAT News

5. Canada Day Contest Log Anomalies

The RAC Canada Day committee has been having some issues with the
claimed category of entry versus the actual contents of the log. When
this issue is present, they are taking the content of the log as
being reflective of the actual category of entry.  Please
double-check your entry class when you submit your logs!

— ARRL Contest Update

6. Canada Winter Contest Results Posted

Results for the 2008 Canada Winter Contest have now been posted to
the Radio Amateurs of Canada Web site, and will be published in the
next edition of TCA magazine.

— ARRL Contest Update

This concludes this week’s bulletin.

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ.

SET 2009- OPN Net Activation-UPDATE

August 14, 2009

Tonight Jim Taylor VA3KU (EMO ARES) checked into the OPN tonight to give me a quick briefing on the 2009 SET.


At this time I will ask net participants and Net Control Station to keep Saturday October 3rd and Wednesday October 7th open.

At this time no other information is available.  As the information becomes available I will inform all concerned.


Bob Sharp VA3QV Net Manager OPN

New APRS Beacon

August 13, 2009

ntsredIf you are in the area of Ontario thats between Toronto and Bowmanville and are looking on you might notice 3 new Beacons on your screen.

They have the NTS icon and the TFC-AJAX, TFC-PICKR and TFC-OSHAW which could lead you to believe that the Ontario Phone Net is holding traffic for this area of Ontario.

If you are in this area please check into the Net (1900HRS EASTERN  on 3.742 and help out your fellow amateurs by picking up the traffic for that area.


Please support the people who are out there supporting you!


Bob Sharp VA3QV- Net Manager Ontario Phone Net

Still looking for…Radio Operators

August 9, 2009


A reminder post…  I had previously mentioned that I was looking for some warm bodies to help out the net…


At this time the Ontario Phone Net is looking for the following:

Back up Net Control Stations– Occasionally one of the regular NCS needs a few days off…This position needs a person who has a basic knowledge of the NTS in the Ontario Section, a good knowledge of of the duties of a Net Control Station.  Having access to a HF station capable of operating on the 80m band is a necessity.  If you are interested please contact the Net Manager.  If you need more basic information on how the net runs please feel free to drop in for a visit any night of the week at 1900 Eastern (Standard or Daylight) time on or about a frequency of 3.742

Net Liason Stations- The OPN is in need of stations from Northern Ontario, North Western Ontario North Eastern Ontario and Eastern Ontario to check into the net on a regular basis to see if there is any formal traffic for their respective locations.  If you are interested please contact the Net Manager.  If you need more basic information on how the net runs please feel free to drop in for a visit any night of the week at 1900 Eastern (Standard or Daylight) time on or about a frequency of 3.742


Bob Sharp VA3QV- Net Manager Ontario Phone Net

RAC Ontario Section News- August 8/09

August 8, 2009

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for August 8, 2009

This is the ONTARIO PHONE NET BLOG, Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of  Canada, with this week’s bulletin


1. Laurentian Net Seeks Net Controllers

The Laurentian Net is looking for amateur radio operators to fill in
as Net Control Stations.  Controllers are needed occasionally during
the week, and every second Sunday. The Laurentian Net meets every
evening on 3.755 MHz at 6:45 pm Eastern Time.  If you can assist,
please contact Shawn VE3PSV Saturdays on the Laurentian Net,  or via
NTS messsage to the Ontario Phone Net.

— Shawn Gartley, VE3PSV, Net Manager


2. Perseid Meteor Shower

This year’s Perseid meteor shower may be even better than usual,
especially on the peak day of Aug. 12. reports
“According to the International Meteor Organization, about 10
Perseids per hour are now streaking across the night sky. This number
could increase to as many as 200 per hour when Earth crosses an
anticipated filament of comet dust” around 0800 UTC on August 12th. and

3. Endeavour Deploys Student-Built Satellites

The recent space shuttle mission, STS-127, deployed four student-
built satellites, all with telemetry downlinks in the 2 meter or 70
cm amateur bands.

Castor and Pollux are spherical satellites, part of the Atmospheric
Neutral Density Experiment. Both transmit 1200-baud packet radio
telemetry on 145.825 MHz. Hams are encouraged to submit telemetry
reports; see (Kilo Whiskey Yankee Yankee Zulu
Five) for information.

BEVO-1 and AggieSat2 are “picosatellites” from the University of
Texas and Texas A&M.  BEVO-1 will transmit Morse code beacons or 9600
baud packet radio data telemetry at 437.325 MHz. AggieSat2 will
beacon at 436.250 MHz.  Reception reports are welcome; see (Kilo Oscar Uniform Foxtrot Tango November) for
BEVO-1 and for AggieSat.

— ARRL Bulletin Service

4. ARISS Contact with Hospital for Sick Children

On Thursday, July 30, patients of the Hospital for Sick Children in
Toronto, Ontario, Canada participated in an Amateur Radio on the
International Space Station (ARISS) contact. Children spoke with
Astronaut Robert Thirsk, VA3CSA via telebridge station ON4ISS in
Belgium and were able to ask 18 questions about life in space. Nearly
100 people were present for the event and the contact was broadcast
throughout the hospital on closed circuit television.

— ARISS News

5. 90,000 Chinese Hams

Ham radio is growing in China. According to the Chinese Radio Sports
Association, which oversees amateur licensing in China, there are some
90,000 radio amateurs there, and the number has been steadily growing
in recent years.

— Amateur Radio Newsline


Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ

RAC Ontario Section News- August 1/09

August 1, 2009

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for August 1, 2009



1. Local Net Activity Reports Solicited

I encourage each local level net, whether conducted on VHF/UHF or HF,
to report the net activities to the Section Traffic Manager at the
end of each month. The report need not be long.  Simply list the
number of sessions, the total of checkins, any traffic handled and
the total elapsed time for the month. This will enable us at Field
Services to have an idea of just what net activities are occurring
each month within Ontario. The report should be set to me via the
Ontario Phone Net no later than the 3rd of the month following.

In addition I encourage any amateurs who regularly participate in
these nets to submit a Station Activity Report (SAR) and/or a Public
Service Honour Roll (PSHR) report to me each month. Samples of these
reports may be found on the RAC website. These reports give me, as
Section Traffic Manager, a better idea of which amateurs would be
available if needed for emergency communications.

— Glenn Killam, VE3GNA, Ontario STM


2. Brantford Hamfest 2009

The Brantford Amateur Radio Club will hold its annual hamfest on
Saturday, August 15, at the Burford Fairgrounds, 6 Park Avenue in
Burford. Open to the public at 9 a.m.; talk in on VE3TCR repeater,
147.150 (+). For more information visit

— RAC Events Database

3. VHARA Hamfest Cancelled

The Victoria-Haliburton Amateur Radio Association Hamfest, originally
scheduled for Saturday, August 22, in Lindsay, has been cancelled
for this year.  For information visit

— RAC Events Database

4. VE3AWE Retiring from Eastern Area Net

Terry Ussher, VE3AWE, has chosen to retire from active traffic work,
thus bringing to a close some 63 years of CW traffic handling.

For as long as I have known him, Terry has been the epitome of the
best to be found in NTS. Whether measured by CW skills, signal
strength, operating “savvy”, or reliability, Terry has consistently
stood at the top.  Please join me in wishing Terry and his lovely
bride Ellen all the best in their future endeavors.

— Bud Hippisley W2RU, EAN Cycle 4 Manager, via Glenn, VE3GNA

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ.