Ontario Section News

RAC Ontario Section Bulletin for July 11, 2009


1. Request for RTTY/Digital Operators’ Comments

The DX Advisory Committee has been asked by the ARRL Programs

and Services Committee to comment on how the DXCC program

might be updated to accommodate digital modes other than RTTY.

For example: Should there be a separate DXCC award for digital modes other than RTTY? Should this be a general award for Digital Modes or should there be multiple awards be available?  Should such awards be endorsable by band? Or should the status quo be retained, with all digital modes feeding into the RTTY DXCC?

Any Canadian Amateur who wishes to comment on the above is asked to send an email to John Scott, VE1JS, RAC’s representative to the DXAC, ve1js (at) ns (dot) sympatico (dot) ca. Please send any comments before August 31, 2009.

— RAC Bulletin Service

2. Garry Jacobs elected Alberta SM

Alberta Section has a new Section Manager in the person of Garry

Jacobs, VE6CIA. Garry ran unopposed and therefore no balloted

election was necessary. He began a two-year term on July 1,

succeeding past Section Manager Tom Martens, VE6TRM. RAC extends

congratulations to Garry and sincere thanks to Tom for the sense of

responsibility and dedication displayed by both.

— Doug Mercer, VO1DTM, RAC Vice President Field Services



3. International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend

Internaional Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend (ILLW) will be held on

August 15 and 16, starting at 0001 UTC on Saturday and finishing at

2359 UTC on Sunday. The purpose is to promote public awareness of

lighthouses and lightships and their need for preservation and

restoration.  It’s not a contest — lighthouses and lightships are

encouraged to make contact with any amateur radio stations worldwide.

For more information visit http://www.illw.net

— via RSGB News

4. Submitting Bulletin Items

Amateur Radio groups in Ontario that wish to announce upcoming

events, or report on their activities, are invited to send brief

items to the Official Bulletin Manager email address,

obm (at) ve3rhj.net.

— Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ, OBM

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ.



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